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MY ANIME FIX (tm) — LiveJournal
Periodic Anime Reviews for Anime Addicts (tm)
HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY TO "Nan-Chan"/"NanaMi", NANA MIZUKI -Born January 21, 1980!!

And, while we're on the same subject, it turns out tha Nan-Chan has also turned

!!!   See, she started as a Seiyuu in 1998---on "FLINT, THE TIME DETECTIVE" (which we in The States recieved over the FOX KIDS Network the following year--dubbed).   So, Ms. Mizuki is now one of The Cult Of 17-Year-Olds, three of which, Yui Horie, Eri Kitamura and Yukari Tamura, she's currently acting alongside of as of this posting.  Currently airing on CRUNCHYROLL here in The States (via TOKYO MX) is " DOG DAYS'' " (that's DOG DAYS 'Double Dash'---or Season 3!!), and the gang is all there.  A prolific Pop Idol as well, Ms. Mizuki has already dropped a new single featuring the OPENING SONG of DOG DAYS 3, as well as the 2nd CLOSING SONG of the OTHER show currently airing (also on TOKYO MX and CRUNCHYROLL):  "CROSS ANGE:  RONDO OF ANGELS AND DRAGONS".

I'm gonna be nice to Nan-Chan, and NOT POST ANY PHOTOS of the amazing--and infamous--CROSS ANGE...

until NEXT  TIME, when I'll

PS:  OK...so, I lied...Sue Me!!   "CROSS ANGE:  RONDO OF ANGELS AND DRAGONS" --
(No offense to "DOG DAYS", but, the pure badassary of this [VERY!!] Late-Night Anime [airs at 1:30 AM, Japan Time, Saturday/Sunday on TOKYO MX] is something to behold.)

NEXT TIME, Ya'll!!!

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And, that's where I'm gonna begin:  Virtual Idol Hatsume Miku INVADES The DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW on CBS!!  No, you're NOT dreaming--it happened.  GOOGLE IT!!

NOW, time to cut to the chase:  ANIME OF THE YEAR---   we have 2:


First, "AKAME GA KILL" --

Akame Ga Kill
It gets ANIME OF THE YEAR nods for it's all-out absurdity.  Now, don't get me wrong:  Death and Anime ain't no new phenomenon.  Neither is worshipping Professional Assassins (that's the plot of ANY Ninja story).  But, AKAKILL was probably the most way-out type of it's genre...and it tried to play most of it off as comedy.  First off, this show--by the last two episodes--broke the cardinal rule of storytelling (NEVER Kill Off The MAIN CHARACTER!!!---but, they DID!!!), and second, most of the killings were so over the top, it was hard to take things seriously (I mean, how many GIRLS are gonna get their arms forcibly amputated before all is said and done here, huh?).  Mamiko Noto was one fo the FIRST to be offed (her character, SHEELE, went out in gruesome fashion...even for an anime that specialized in this shit!), while Yukari Tamura used this show to go beyond her usual jerkass roles, and steal the hearts of the entire Anime Community the world over when she (as MINE) was taken out.  THEN--they took out the story's MAIN CHARACTER (Soma Saito's TATSUMI--whom all the girls wanted, but who's heart was taken by MINE--the character played by Yukarin, you jackasses!).  This brings us to a real exercise in absurdity, LADY ESDEATH, played by SATOME AKESAKA.  First off---bitch is FINE---

(even in Real Life)

(See--what I tell ya'!!!)

---and SHE'S the ONE being STALKED!!!  No Really...it's in the news  (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-01-06/voice-actress-satomi-akesaka-reports-twitter-user-to-police-due-to-harassment/.82939
).  Sadly, NOBODY REALLY GAVE A DAMN ABOUT Sora Amamiya's AKAME...even though the show was named AFTER her, and even if she herself is ALSO a CUTIE in Real Life:
Yea, no stalkers for her.  Sad.  Oh well, I guess being a mediocre actress does have it's benefits.  Still, AKAKILL was beyond anything I've seen of this genre, which includes (the slightly better) BLADE AND SOUL (of which Ms. Amamiya played Jin Varrel!).  Oh well, moving along to.....


Not only did this live up to my expectations, but it was the perfect INTRO to the current Otaku Generation who've only really HEARD about TENCHI MUYO from thier older friends.  For starters:  the GANG was all PRESENT AND ACCOUNTED FOR (except for Etsuko Kozakura's RYO-OHKI--although we did get a silent cameo in the final episode--and Queen Yumi Takeda as AEKA, who was replaced...and decently, too!!...by Haruhi Nanao of AH! MY BUDDAH fame).  Also, Nao Toyama--yup, our cute CHIRO from THE DEVIL IS A PART-TIMER!--has stepped up to the drama plate that has made MANY A LEGENDARY SEIYUU during the TENCHI MUYO Series.  She played MOMO, and this story had elements of MOMOTARU THE GREAT (including expys of that legend's characters)--just like ANOTHER series this year, which I'll get to later.  THE BIG HIGHLIGHT of this ENTRY (which was delivered as daily shorts---no, really!!) was to see Yuko Mitzutani's MIHOSHI finally ARREST--let me REPEAT THAT!!--ARREST Yuko Kobayashi's WASHUU!!!  Man, I've waited 23 years for that shit, and it was worth it!!   Oh yea--Ayako Kawasumi took the "Kiyone"-role as a Galaxy Police Officer-Disguised-As-A-School Teacher-With-A-Dominatrix Nature (HA!!!), who turned Tenchi into a "Sexy Bitch"--
ai tenchi muyo 19
--uhhhhhhh...yea.  Tenchi was "trapping", ya'll!  HEY, while we're on the subject of "Traps", three words:


(You're welcome!!   Damn, who wouldn't WANT to HIT THAT...even if she..uhh, HE..is "packing"!)

MOVING ALONG, let's talk about........PEACHES!!!!!!!!    Mmmmmmmmmmm...PEACHES!!!!!
"MOMO KYUN SWORD" (starring Ayana Taketatsu as MOMO[taro]!)

Along with AI TENCHI MUYO, this was one of the 2 Anime that turned "Peach-Boy" into a "Girl With Nice Peaches"--and the only one which was consistent, to an extent, with the main legend.  Speaking of Ayana-chan, there was also "DATE-A-LIVE 2"...which went for 10 Episodes (on purpose), and was kinda lackluster compared to the slam-bang Season 1.  "Silly-Ass" Maaya Uchida was onboard for that ride, but even her silly ass couldn't help it.  ALTHOUGH, Uchii and Nobunaga Shimazaki joined forces again, this time with Sumire Uesaka and Yoko Hikasa, for "ORE TWINTAIL NI MARIMASU":
Probably the FASTEST 13 EPISODES in Anime History---and it was non-filling, like a Twinkie:  You eat one thinking you're gonna get full, then you forget you had one 5 minutes later.  (Although, TAIL RED was cute, and TAIL YELLOW was Nasty-Assty, and Twoearle (played by Uchii) was even nastier!!)

Ohhhhh, kayyyy---"TERRA ForMARS":

All that goddamn hype wasted on some BULL-SHIT!!!  13 EPISODES of NOTHING GETTING ACCOMPLISHED.  That's the problem with the Shonen Genre:  they waste 5 episodes on what is supposed to be a 2 hour battle, and take up half the show's episode run on some meticulously animated punches, kicks, bone-shatters, blood-splatters...and in slow-fuckin'-motion, too!!  It also didn't help that the...."Roaches"...looked like MANDIGO/SAMOAN Warrior-Wrestlers, and that there were NO BLACK Astronauts involed in the mission to erradicate them and claim Mars for Mankind.  SO, when the Roaches started using NUKES on these poor bastards---NO, REALLY!!!, the game changed completely.  So, by episode 13, we're left with a cliffhanger in what was actually revealed to be a SUICIDE MISSION all along!!  HA!    Moving On:

"PARASYTE-The MAXIM" (featuring the full-series RETURN of Trouble Girl, Aya Hirano as "Migi")

Damn right, they get the Cast Photo, because the show is living up to expectations.  Already into it's 2nd Cour as of this posting, it's taken 20 years for this story to transfer from Manga to Anime (there's even a Live-Action Film coming out, via TOHO!). PARASYTE is making my (current)Wednesday nights worthwhile, and Hirano is back in top form.  Naw, she's not about to get stupid and screw up here, like she did with QUEEN'S BLADE.

2014 was also the YEAR in which THE GIRLS SMELT--and TASTED--GOOD (if you CATCH me)!!!!   No, I'm Serious!!  We're talking the good ol' fashioned MUFF DIVING; CLAM SLURPING; CHICKEN LICKING;  you know....PUSSY EATING (or implications thereof!).   About 4 different shows this year had some (un-)lucky dude (or lady) with Their Face In The Place:

1.  RAIL WARS---it was a forced perspective camera-angle scene to make it LOOK Like "lunchtime" (hint, hint), but in reality, it was the hero tying a tournoquet to the heroine's thigh (NO--REALLY!!);

2.  MOMO KYUN SWORD---with Inugami, the Dog God, trying to get Momo's..uhhhmm.."scent" by sniffing  UNDER her SKIRT(no, really!).

BUT, the most BLATANT EXAMPLES were in--

3. (SURPRISE!!)AI TENCHI MUYO---3 TIMES!!!!!   Nao-chan's MOMO to Masami Kikuichi's TENCHI!!!  Landing on his FACE...not counting a Bath Scene with her naked booty near Tenchi's (underwater) face, while shielding him from the other girls.

Still,  the classic muff-dives to end them all belong to:

4.  CROSS ANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!    Ohhhhhhh, baby...CROSS ANGE!!!!!!!

Cross Ange Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo Episode 10 xanimerubi
CURRENTLY, a (record!!!) 4 TIMES BETWEEN NANA MIZUKI's "Ange" and MAMORU MIYANO's (appropiately named--for you FLEETWOOD MAC fans!) "Tusk"---and they're all "accidental"...riiiight!   MIND YOU--in ANOTHER SHOW, these two are Cousins-Who-Are-Also-Heroes-From Earth-Called To The World Of Biscotti (hint, hint).  So, enjoy it on this show, because when DOG DAYS DOUBLE-DASH starts (about 2 days AFTER this posting), these 2 will be "cousins" once more.  OH YEA--Yui Ogura's CHRIS diving into Yukari Tamura's HILDA's...uhh, "pool"..during their...err..."scenes"!!   Yea, CROSS ANGE--already in IT'S 2nd Cour--has become the trashiest, most controversial "scare-the-reviewers" anime in a long while (this, despite coming in the very same year as TERRA ForMARS, PARASYTE, BLADE AND SOUL, and AKAME GA KILL...so, go figure!).  I won't go into too much detail, but I will say this:  RACISM--with a Capitol "R", on ANN.com (no--really...go check the page for CROSS ANGE on ANN!!) has never been so....wow, man.  I mean, I'm saying this as a Black Man, myself.  In this case, it's..."Humans" (a term I use loosley) discriminating against "Normas"---techically, ordinary GIRLS who are born without the ability to use MANA (a.k.a. MAGIC).  These innocent girls are treated worse than shit, and are captured..as BABIES and YOUNG CHILDREN..and taken to a Prison-Camp called ARZENAL, to be used as Cannon-Fodder to "protect" the "humans world" from a interstellar species called DRAGON (it's an acronym).  Ange, herself, was a Princess who believed that she was "human", until it was revealed OTHERWISE..by her dipshit Big Brother.  Anyway, Episode 9's final minutes.....wow.  (Think RODNEY KING---GOGGLE HIM!)

SO, what does 2015 have in store?   Well, I did mention DOG DAYS DOUBLE-DASH (Season 3!!).  Also, Season 3 of HIGH SCHOOL DxD (season 2 went for this 10 Episode thang, like DATE-A-LIVE!!!, And MAKEN-KI!!--what's up with that?!).  Also DATE-A-LIVE is putting out an original movie, which isn't "RINNE: UTOPIA"--dang.   Oh yea, ATTACK ON TITAN 2, before the year is out.

MAN, 2014 was hard to keep track of....

...oh yea, SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL, too.   Yea, can't forget that.  Nothing much to say on it, though.

SO, until NEXT  TIME, I'll

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Awwwwwwwwwwwww..........  Just look at those innocent eyes, that cute face, those rosy cheeks.  Awwwwwwwwwwwww..........  Just wook at cwute widdle KATE HOSHIMIYA (SEIYUU:  Misaki Kuno). Don't you just wanna wrap her up and take her home?!  Awwwwwwwwww....yes, you do.  You know YOU DO.......

...........Well, sorry!!!  You can FORGET it, because, secretly, she goes under the name of VERENA, and this cute, innocent, little gir------------------



MAN!!!   If there ever was some silliness to make you want SATURDAY NIGHT to come sooner, this show is the one!!   FUCK SP*CE D**DY!!!  THIS is the show that is so wrong on a thousand levels, that it's just right.  OK, here's the quick deal (gotta be quick, because WHITE LIGHT is on the lookout!!):

You got this.....errrrr, "evil organization" called ZVEZDA--

(Yea...this bunch!!!  Yup, go figure!!!(l-to-r:  Erii Yamazaki as "Roboko", Minoru Hirota as "Goro"/"General Pepel", Mariya Ise as "Itsuka"/"Plamja", Misaki Kuno as "Kate"/"Verena", Natsuki Hanae as "Atsuka"/"Dva", Kans Hanazawa as "Natasha"/"Professor Um", and Kosuke Toriuimi as "Yasu"/"Yasu" ("Odin").)

--who are lead by a 9-year-old girl, in a "Hey ya'll, can she even WEAR that!!!"-outfit--

(yea....like, uhhhh...whadafuq!!!)

---who has a dream of WORLD CONQUEST.  No, seriously---she's a little megalomaniac!!  Kate, and her (very) Motley Crew of dipshit dissidents want to make the world a better place, via conquest.  Hell, little firebrand even says (and this is NO JOKE, 'cuz it's in the First Episode) that this world NEEDS to be Conquered!!   (Ohhhhh, kay!)

And, before you think she's as inept as TEAM ROCKET from POKEMON....Forget It!!!   Kate Hoshimiya has her ship together (I said, "SHIP"---a'ight!!).  Yep, she's pretty effective....for a little girl.  After all, it's all about her "Little Girl Instinct"---no, that's IN THE SCRIPT, too!!!

Anyways, her team is comprised of Kate, herself;  a sexy-girl teenage assassin (who fawns over Kate and will slice you into sushi if you so much as look Kate the wrong way);  a dude who is supposed to be in charge of ground force command for the "monsters" Zvezda uses;  this older general-type who has a penchant for sweets;  a weird scientist-girl, who goes around in NOTHING but bra-and-panties and barefoot...and here Robot-girl, and finally, a draftee who was pulled into Zvezda by Kate, and is mainly in charge of keeping the house in order.

THEN, there are the..........well, the "Good Guys", WHITE LIGHT, whose job it is to stop the advance of Zvezda at all costs:

(Rear:  Minako Kotobuki as "Miki"/WHITE EGRET and Front:  M.A.O. [Mao Ichimichi] as "Renge"/WHITE ROBIN.)
This organization is so secretive, that each member is not supposed to reveal their true identity to each other---even if they happen to go to the very same school and are standing right next to one another.  Welcome to the Post-Post 9-11 World, ya'll!!

Scary thing is, BOTH these groups have bizarre ties with one another, with a major plot-bomb being dropped (via a photograph) at the end of episode 7---which is where the series is, as of this posting.  And which is where I'm going to end this edition of "MY ANIME FIX"(tm).

So, until NEXT  TIME,  I'll


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(SEIYUU l-to-r:  Hisako Kanemoto, Yui Ogura, Chinami Hashimoto and Junji Majima.)

"HENNEKO's" cute little 'Stony Cat' Yui Ogura returns---and she's giving a new actress HELL!!  AND, us FANS, too!!

I added "RECENTLY, MY SISTER IS UNUSUAL" (a.k.a. "ImoCho") to my review list simply because I KNEW it was gonna be "wrong enough to get a decent person arrested"--and, I was RIGHT!!!  (HA HA!!!  BOY, was I RIGHT!!!).   First off, this show is CENSORED out it's ass....BY THE PRODUCTION COMPANY (yup, even on AT-X!!).  And most, if not ALL, of the censoring concerns The Mother Of All Chastity Belts/Bondage Thongs, worn by the protagonist of the show, Mitsuki (SEIYUU:  Chinami Hashimoto).  Now, this is Ms. Hashimoto's very first role (but, after she gets thru this shit, it might be her last!!), and wouldn't you know it, she's being "jumped in" by 18-year-old firebrand Yui Ogura.  Ahhhhh, Yui, Yui, Yui.  So "little sisterly" in "RYO-KYU-BU", so sweet in "HENNEKO" that she became Jon Stewart's 'Waifu':
What's GOOD for 'HENNEKO's' Tsukino, is GOOD for Steve Colbert!!!
(This is the Anime-Land version of The Jon Stewart Show!!!   Ohhhhhh, Tsukiko!!!)

Anyways, Yui-chan plays this perverted "ghost" named Hiyori, who possesses poor Mitsuki on occasion, so as to fall in love with Mitsuki's new step-brother, Yuya (SEIYUU:  Junji Majima), so as to allow Hiyori to finally ascend to Heaven.  Yup, nothing like some good ol' fashioned (W)incest on a nice afternoon after work to unwind..............

WHOA!!!  HOLD ON!!!  HEY!!!  WHADAFUQ!!!  YOW!!!!!!

Errrrrrrrr........uhhhhhhhhh......well..it's kinda like.......well, uhhhhhhmmmm...................

Like, errrrrr......Poor Mitsuki has to WEAR THIS!!!!!   Uhhhhmmmmm.............

Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit!!!!!!    We're goin' to HELL, for sure this time!!    Sheeeeeeeeeit!!!

Now, these images are ALL from just the first episode, where, do to....uhhhhhhhmmmm....
"Broadcast Standards" (yea, even on the usual Free-Titty/Loose-Booty AT-X channel), the scenes of Mistuki in that goddamn "Chasti........."  ......BONDAGE THONG!!......   will wind up looking like THIS:


.........and THIS:

......and, even THIS:
imocho-wellp.jpg w=549&h=307
(Yea, after seeing this BLACK BAR, I'm feeling "nostalgic" for "Ye Holy Light Of Sin-Sore-Ship", too!)

I was gonna delve a little deeper into the story and give you a few spoilers, but...............


Now, before you say some shit like:  "That's it---Dude finally PUSSIED OUT!!!", I'll have you know that THAT couldn't be farther from the truth.  For Crying Out Loud---I'M the guy who championed "MANYUU HICKENCHOU", "QUEEN'S BLADE", "ANGEL BLADE", "LADIES VS. BUTLERS", "HEN-SEMI", "NIGHT-SHIFT NURSES", "EUPHORIA", "TENTACLE AND WITCHES", "MM!", "BLOOD ROYALE", "ONII-CHAN NO KOTO" and, yea, even that motherfuckin' "PANTY AND STOCKING WITH GARTERBELT", among others.  So yes, this is one brotha who KNOWS (and LOVES some damn good) NASTY.   

But, THIS ANIME (already 3 Episodes in, as of THIS posting) has Out-Nasty'd ME!!!!   (And to think, I'm the SAME DUDE--OSMOSIS--who had the BALLS to actually put MOZART's most Gangsta Lyrics to Music, and POST IT on Facebook!!!   So, go figure ya'll---go figure
OSMOSIS Sermon Card Front thumbnail
Yea, just go figure!!!   HA!     OSMOSIS [Und Wolfgang], "Lech Mir Den Arsch" http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=12597996    Like I said, I KNOW "Nasty".  Oh Well....)

That's all for This Edition, ya'll (which is my First Edition for 2014), so HAPPY NEW YEAR, and

until NEXT  TIME,  I'll

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Anime-wise, FALL 2013 was pretty nice.  You had your basic TREASURES and TRASH, but, of course, that's to be expected.  And, for a change, I decided to follow through with over a half-dozen shows (which explains WHY I haven't posted anything since the End Of Summer Roundup).  Like I said, there were TREASURES, and there was TRASH---so, let's start off with the TRASH, shall we:

"Yūsha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shūshoku o Ketsui Shimashita!!", OR "I Couldn't Become I Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job!!"---no, REALLY!!!)
PLOT!!!!!     and    BACKStory!!!!!    (and, NOT the Literary Kind, either!!!)   FANSERVICE 101!!!

Which would've been a GOOD THING----provided there was some substance to this bullshit.   OK---I followed it simply because it was the LATEST in the "MAOU-YUUSHA" (Demon Babe/King and Hero/Heroine HOOKUPS) trend, which officially began with 2012's "AESTHETICS OF A ROGUE HERO" and was cemented this year with "MAOU MAOU YUUSHA".   Again, while "MAOYUU"--and the immediate Spring 2013 follow-up, "OVERLORD AT WORK"--were splendid (and downright fucking genius, if you ask me), "YUUSHIBU" was a total fuck-up.  Hey, I'm a sucka for some hot Loli Moe-tans (like Ai Austin and Tsukiko--a.k.a. Jon Stewart's WAIFU!!!  HA HA!!!!), but, Moe works best when there's a good ass story behind it.  (ASS....BEHIND....oh, shit!!!   NOVA--one of the characters in this mish-mash--was the Sexual Harassment Poster Child!!!  There was this Sir Patrick Stewart-clone always grabbing her ass!!!  HELL---bitch even offered our PROTAGONIST the opportunity to Grab Some....and his pussy-ass declined!!!!  No, FOR REAL!!!!    Sheeeeeeeeeeeet---I'd tap that round Moe Ass in a heartbeat.....**AHEM!!***  Sorry, where was I?!)

YEA---The Story (or whatever there was of it) concerned our Protagonist, Raul Chaser (SEIYUU:
Keisuke Koumoto ), who was one of the many candidates for the Hero Academy...which CLOSED OUT on them because the Demon King was dethroned!!!!  HA!!!  So, it's back to the "real world" (well, one with magic. dragons, etc.) where Raul gets a job as clerk at LEON Magic--sorta a Magic 'Radio Shack' (nevermind, a'ight!!!).  There, he meets Nova--she with the tap-able BOOTY (SEIYUU: Madoka Sowa ), mechanic girl LORE (SEIYUU:  Kumi Takaragi ), and the Lady Boss-I'd-Love-To-FaLaLaLaLa With, Seara August (SEIYUU:  Maina Shimagata ).  One day, a new girl stops by the store looking for work (well, she's all hidden under a ghetto hoodie, but, definitely a girl!!).  Her name is Fino Bloodstone (SEIYUU: Azusa Tadokoro ), she just so happens to be the PRINCESS of the Demon World.....who's looking for a job since her DAD has been defeated.   Sadly, it's all downhill from there because Raul--who wanted to be the Hero to take out the Demon King--just goes all "Big Brother" over Fino, despite the fact that she secretly LOVES him.  And, it's a 'slice-of-life' harem show from there, especially when Raul's RIVAL (and Hot Babe-Who-Works-At-RIVAL Magic 'Best Buy' Store....don't ask!!), Airi Altinate--a.k.a. "All 'A' " (SEIYUU: Kanae Iwasaki ), gets involved.   Oh, did I mention it's Boobie-Heaven?   With some BACKStory thrown in?  And no real story?!   Ohhhh-kayyyy.....


On the HENTAI Front, we have---
NUKI DOKI--The Tsundere Demon And Pervert Angel's Cum-Sucking Battle!!!"  (and, NO---I'm NOT making this shit up!!!!   Ha Ha!!!)

Nuki Doki
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Yeaaaa!!!!!!    (and from the same cast as 2011's "Vampire", too!!!)

Trying to pick up PIXY's mantle (since that company is on "haitus"), PORU has brought this...well....ONE OF MY PEERS described it as "if HIGH SCHOOL DxD and SO, I CAN'T PLAY ECCHI?! were taken to their logical extremes"---and he wasn't that far off the mark.  Despite the (pixilated!!) fucking, this is more of a R-19 version of those animes, as opposed to some ultra nasty, truly xXx-rated shit like VIPER GTS.  Even 2011's/2012's TENTACLE AND WITCHES was sexier than this.
WHAT DOES MAKE THIS A KEEPER--despite it being dull in mostly all of it's departments--are the "moonlighting" superstar Seiyuu involved (as in, "Does SHE sound like
'Kugi-Kugi'?" [YES!!!] and "Is SHE 'Belldandy'?!" [YES, again!!!].).  Take out the intercourse scenes, and you can sell this as a TV-18 title.  SO--why is it BAD?!  Well, it's all "been there, done that" and there is a gratuitous demon-hunting babe character thrown in--and FORGOTTEN, just as quickly.  OH YEA--pay the DUDE in the picture NO MIND, 'cuz that's what this OAV does to him.  Yup, he's "annonymous"---just a PROP!!!.   (I swear--if that AIN'T Rie Kugimiya as our Succubus, working under a psuedonym, then I'll eat my HAT---and I AIN'T WEARIN' ONE!!)


Well, what did YOU think would earn that title?!  So damn good, it needs NO INTRODUCTION!!!

But, for you whiners, it's "FREEZING:  VIBRATION".    Hell-2-da-yea!!!

First off:  YES---to those who wanted to get spoilers from the Light Novel and Manga---the most controversial story arc in the entire series (with all of it's cringeworthiness and creep-factor) was pulled-off and quickly moved for the next arc.  I'm talking about "The Siblings Arc".  I won't go into detail, but if you EVER wanted to beat the living shit outta someone for doing....THINGS!!!!!!!!....to......Family!!!!!!.....it would be Satellizer El Bridgette's.....brother.....Louis.   Hats off for the animators to tackle something we shall call "The Aunt Sadie Thang".  ("It" sounds like--and RYHMES with "interest"--a'ight!)   That aside, Season 2 of FREEZING was not for the faint of heart.  Naturally, the Pandoras would fight one another to see who's the best--in all it's gory clothes-....and GIRL-....shredding glory.  But, this season also gave us the (graphic!!!) "breaking" of a major character (hats off to SEIYUU Yuko Kaida for stepping up to the plate as Elizabeth Mably!), and the shocking transformation of a likeable character into the "Monster" she's rumored to be (SEIYUU Marina Inoue's Chiffon Fairchild is N1-2FW:  Not 1-2 Fuck With!!  REALLY!!!).   And, even though MAMIKO NOTO is the STAR of FREEZING, she gingerly stepped aside to allow the rest of the cast to shine---
especially SEIYUU
Suzuko Mimori , who impressed THIS REVIEWER as Amelia Evans in this series, and even moreso as MUCIEL FAOLAN in....


Probably one of the most pleasant surprises in the entire Fall 2013 Anime Season.

QUESTION:  WHAT IS AN INVASION?!   No, really----what consitutes an invasion?   Now, that is a damn good question.  What does this have to do with something as joyful and delightful as OUTBREAK COMPANY?  you'd be surprised (HELL--I WAS!!!).   Anyways, it concerns a otaku named Shinichi (
SEIYUU:  Natsuki Hanae ), whom, after completing an online test, was drafted as an ambassador--of sorts--to The Holy Eldant Empire.  That's a country located................   .......    ............sorry, but that's CLASSIFIED.

Anyhow, once there, our fanboy hero automatically breaks bad with the Supreme Loli......uhhh, RULER!!!...of Eldant, Empress Petralka Anne Eldant III (SEIYUU: 
Mai Fuchigami ), by calling her what she IS (WARNING:  Please Do Not Attempt That At Home!!!).  Dumbass is spared from execution--just barely!!--and is put in charge of spreading Otaku culture to the native population.  Here, besides humans, you have Dragons of varying species and ethnic natures, dawrves and elves.   Even Half-Elves, like our beloved Muciel, who is appointed as Shinichi's Maid.  Oh yea, Shinichi even has a BITCH* named Elbia (SEIYUU:  Sumire Uesaka ), who loves to draw, and is possibly a spy from the rival nation of...... ......  .....that's CLASSIFIED, too.

(*Don't get mad at me for calling Elbia a 'BITCH', you dumbasses:  she's a WEREWOLF!!   'kay!!)

Oh yea, the Japanese Special Defense Force is involved--as "peace keepers" (where have we heard THAT before?), with this hotass glasses-wearing babe, Minori (SEIYUU: 
Maaya Uchida ), as Shinichi's personal bodyguard.  Sickass Yoai Fangirl wants to see Shinichi HOOK UP with Petralka's General (and Cousin!!!), Gallius (SEIYUU:  Shinichiro Miki)---and so help me if it doesn't come CLOSE a few times!!!  (I said it before, so, I'll say it again:  Ya'll YAOI FANGIRLS are ALL WRONG!!!  HA Ha Ha HA!!!!).

So, again, the question comes up:  what constitues an invasion?!  Is there EVEN one?!  And most of all, what's with the presence of the JSDF and the secrecy behind this......country?!  And, why Otaku culture?!

Yea---OUTBRAK COMPANY is like that.   Well worth your time.


"The YUI-CHAN Show", or more specifically...

Part One:  "MISS MONOCHROME"-The Animation

Android Idol/Vocaloid created by--and starring--Yui Horie.

Miss Monochrome dreams of being an Idol, much like HER Idol, Kiku-Chan (SEIYUU:  Kikuko Inoue).  Each episode is 4 minutes of cute goodness, but there's a underlying story as well.  Miss Monochrome and Kiku-chan have a past.  Say, where did those joy-riding ALIEN INVADERS come from?!  Man, I loved this one (and Yui-chan's "android" voice is a hoot!!!).  Yui-chan is involved in a couple other shows this Season, while DOG DAYS 3 is still in production.  ONE of these is the Second Half of "The Yui-Chan Show":


Golden Time
Time for some hot KOKOU!!!   Think "TORADORA"--but in College.

This is one of the 2 shows I'm reviewing that is a full 2-Cours, and will pick-up with Episode 13 in the first week of January 2014.  I've never seen TORADORA (lots of my fellow blog peers are kicking my ass because of that!!!), but if it's ANYTHING like GOLDEN TIME, then I'd love to backtrack.

I'm not gonna delve into this too deeply (mainly because it's still running), but my heartstrings were tugged by SEIYUU
Ai Kayano 's portrayal of Nana "Linda" Hayashida, who has secret feelings for the male lead, Banri Tada (SEIYUU:  Makoto Furukawa), an amnesiac boy she remembered from high school, as only a friend.  ENTER KOKOU KAGA (it's Yui Horie, ya'll!!), a free-spirited, abrasive, hot-n-sexy, ASSHOLE of a babe.  No, seriously---Kokou is not a pleasant person to be around, especially in the case of certain people.  Still, she takes a liking to Banri, and the feeling is mutual.  It's also to the point of obsession, as Kokou doesn't like ANY ONE to come between her and Banri.  This takes on a heavier meaning when Banri's inner spirit begins to manifest itself.  This is the Banri BEFORE the accident where he lost his memory....the Banri who was in LOVE with Linda.  The current Banri slowly begins to realize his feelings for Linda--who, now, begins to slowly reciprocate.  But then again, there's Banri's CURRENT girlfriend, and Kokou simply ain't having none of that shit---even to the point of discovering (by accident) and CONFISCATING an old photo of Banri and Linda taken during another time and place.   MAN---this is deeeeeeeeeeep!!!!   I'm loving it!!!



Strike The Blood
This show has the BEST DAMN FORMAT of ANY SHOW, ever!!!!   That include your basic 13-episode Telenovela!!!

We're talking a 2 Cours series here (which will also pick up at Episode 13 in January 2014), but, instead of leaving us on true cliffhanger, we have 6 story arcs, at 4 episodes each, and we already ran through the first 3 like a breeze.  So, when this show returns in January, we will be in the 4th arc.  Sweet!!!

First off, STRIKE THE BLOOD is a Vampire Show, in the Buffy/Angel vein.  Second, it's a (drumroll, please!!!)
HAREM Anime.  Not quite a "Tenchi-Style" I-Got-ALL-The-BITCHES!! harem, but a damn good one (and, yes, it's a growing BATTLE HAREM---no Damsel In Distresses here!!).  Our Hero Vampire, Kojou Akatsuki (SEIYUU:  Hoshoya Yoshimasa) is 'The Fourth Progenator'---as in, the world's strongest vampire---and he has to be kept under "observation" by this cute middle-school hottie named Yukina Himeragi (SEIYUU:  Rina Taneda), who happens to be a Sword Shaman for The Lion King Organization--and weilds a huge battle-staff that kinda resembles the battle-shovel of a certain "Grave Keeper".   Which is fitting, since the same production company behind THE SUNDAY WITHOUT GOD is behind this.   Anyways, Kojou is no wimpy pushover, but at the same token, he's NOT Male Maze, either!!!  That's right--our Super Vampire doesn't go after the honeys (although, as a vampire, he SHOULD--right!!).  Instead, it's the other way around.  Usually, said honey wants to KILL him first (Himeragi is No Exception--although HER REASONS are Jealousy based).  All this nonewithstanding, Kojou HAS a chick who really has the hots for him, named Asagi Aiba (SEIYUU:  Asami Seto), who also has mad computer skills, but DOESN'T KNOW that Kojou is a Vampire--let alone a super powerful one.  THEN, there's Kojou and Asagi's homeroom teacher, a 26-year-old (but probably OLDER, although she LOOKS like a) LOLI, named Natsuki (-chan!!!) Minamiya (SEIYUU:  Hisako Kanemoto), a supreme witch who controls the very time/space continium in her vicinity.  She also knows MORE than she's letting on.  Buffy and Angel, eat your hearts out.

Before I continue on with the good of the season, it's back to the BAD....
...as in, BAD GIRL!!!!!!    Yuppppppppppppp, she's baaaaaaaaack!!!!!!
Let's hear it for Trouble Girl, AYA HIRANO!!!

'Nuff-Fuckin'-Said, right!!!!

Anyway, BOTTOM ROW--2nd FROM THE RIGHT.  Yea, that's what we're talkin' 'bout:  NANAEL!!!!  It ain't QUEEN'S BLADE without Nanael.  That includes:


It's Layla and AIRI's turn!!!!!   Uhhhnnnn-Hunh!!!

OFFICIALLY, the VANQUISHED QUEENS stories are supposed to be what the TITLE implies:  The Bad End of our heroines AFTER the 2nd Season and prior to the 3rd Season.  In the first OVA--which, according to the timeline, takes place AFTER Episode 6 of BEAUTIFUL WARRIORS, but just before REBELLION--Tomoe and Nowa were captured and tortured by Dogura and Branwen, with Nowa eventually becoming a Hinamoto Preistess, while Tomoe fell into debauchery---no, seriously!!

HOLY GHOST VIOLATION does not fall into that mode, at all.  If anything, this episode is (technically) the Sequel to Episode 5 of
BEAUTIFUL WARRIORS---only THIS TIME, Aya Hirano didn't fuck with the script, like she did THAT episode.  Doesn't matter though, because this is a silly episode.  AND, Nanael sports a new look.  Anyways, this epsiode takes place about a few decades AFTER Rebellion, as BOTH Nanael AND Layla are dropckicked outta heaven (the main running joke for these two!) for an "indescretion" caused by a "miracle" from Layla.  These 2 stooges crash into a tavern, just as AIRI (Kanae Itou) is about to make a meal out of some bastards who are starting trouble.  The bar is owned by a young miss, who also takes care of her kid brother on cutches.  Airi gets mushy when she sees this boy, because he reminds her of Rana---
and, a PHOTO of the PARENTS of these two doesn't help matters, either.  (Yup, the boy LOOKS just like his DAD---whom AIRI used to KNOW!!   We'll leave it at that.)

Well, Airi teams up (reluctantly) with the Heavenly Duo to battle "that indescretion", and is mistaken for a wingless angel, by the boy---who, by then, is miraculously healed.

Great to see Nanael back, and to realize what was only hinted at in REBELLION with Layla, but it was even better to see Airi again...and ANOTHER friend of hers (whom shall remain nameless, but I will say this:  SHE wasn't voiced by her Original Seiyuu, due that actresses battle with Autoimmune Syndrome last year---SHE BEAT IT, and is BACK!!!).


If there was ever an Anime that had the quality of a classic TOHO Sci-Fi Film, it was THIS ONE!!!!

COPPELION---the first thing you're gonna notice, is the LOOK.  And HOW the CHARACTERS are (a)out of place with the backgrounds, and (b)how the color-scheme is purposely 'washed out'.  It all added to the sheer eeriness of the post-nuclear
meltdown that hit Tokyo in this series.  Think Chernyobl!!!   It's just that same barren emptiness.  Into this desolated, uninhabitable former capitol comes 3 girls (SEIYUUS  Haruka Tomatsu, Kana Hanzawa and Satomi Akesaka)----and they aren't wearing ANY protective gear.  Genetically engineered "dolls", they were created to withstand nuclear radiation, so as to go into places--like "after Tokyo"--and retrieve human survivors/stragglers.  The first 4 episodes were, as far as I'm concerned, a stand-alone work of great science fiction (thus, the TOHO allusion).   It only got "campy" during the second section with the arrival of RIVAL "dolls", the Ozu Sisters, played by Yui Horie and Maaya Sakamoto.  HERE'S where you Otaku chops also come into play:  the CREATORS of the Anime took a pot-shot at Maaya Sakamato, mainly due to the parts she has been known to play (hey, look her up in ANN).  By time the 3rd Section rolled around, it started to get a bit serious again...just a bit.   Mainly, it was a race to GET OUT of Tokyo before the Fallout Cloud hits that place like a hurricane....only with the Ozu Sisters throwing a monkey wrench into the whole thing.  Before the whole story is over, you're gonna get a good feeling in your heart as you learn what it REALLY means to be.......Human.

And FINALLY, the SERIES that FOLKS SHOULD'VE BEEN WATCHING, but were skittish about:

(or, "Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!" a.k.a. "Wanna Be The Strongest In The World!!", OR "In JAPAN, Even Our POP STARS Can Kick Your Ass!!")

This is ABOUT Women's Professional Wrestling.  DON'T THINK WWE/WWF, or TNA.   THINK ALL-JAPAN PRO!!!

All because of Sakura Hagiwara (SEIYUU:  Ayana Taketastu) writhing in agony of a Boston Crab from Rio Kanzawa (SEIYUU:  Haruka Tomatsu), while her breasts were sweating and heaving as she was giving us the show info.  No Nudity--just agonizing screams and heaving chest (OH---and Rio's ASS planted FIRMLY on Sakura's shoulders and pointed at the camera).

That's right:  It's all about the screams of pain and some very intimate angles.  BUT, do NOT (let me reitterate!!)--Do NOT Expect A PEEP SHOW from SEKATSUYA, because, despite the angles and a couple of shower scenes (literally---only about 3-4 shower/bath scenes throughout the whole series), this show is about wrestling.  As in:  the HOLDS that can literally CRIPPLE you for LIFE!!!   There are authentic Full/Half-Boston Crabs, Indian Deathlocks, Sleeper Holds, Step-Over Toe Holds, Figure Fours, Abdominal Octopus Holds and Full Nelsons all applied in this anime--and the angles (especially those supposedly sexy crotch angles) EMPHASIZE them.  In one scene, Sakura is bent back so far that you can see the BEND near the small of her back.

Scary thing is, Sakura doesn't give in and quit.  I was expecting wardrobe malfunctions galore, but instead came away from this with a big smile that Studio Arms played it straight (although, they could've been THEMSLEVES--but didn't.).

Now, in the past, I have seen Rumiko Takahashi's MARIS THE CHOJO and Kenichi Sonada's WANNA-BE'S, but those were played for laughs and done in a fantasy situation.  SEKASTUYA didn't BULLSHIT you!!!  Sakura DID NOT WIN her first 65 MATCHES!!!  Let that sink in for a moment.  She went out there and got the living shit beat out of her, but she never gave up.  How did all this start?  All because her Idol Group's manager was looking for a cross-promotional with Women's Pro Wrestling.  Just like Idol Singers take pride in what they do, so do wrestlers---and they don't take kindly to anyone belittling their sport.  The only thing close to a kayfabe ("reality") "story-line" is during the final arc, when Sakura meets up with the "assassin" from the rival Promotion, Blue Panther.  The MATCH wasn't pretty!!!   But, in the end, Sakura was given a choice:  Wrestling or Idol Singing.  Her answer was obvious.

STILL, if you're looking for the real ecchi in SEKASTUYA, wait for the DVD/BD Extras.  Yea, it gets silly--a whole world away from the parent series.  Think a QUEEN'S BLADE or FREEZING OVA, and you'll get the point.

WHEW!!!!!!!    WHOOOOOO-DOGGGIE!!!!   That's THAT--until after January!!!

DATE A LIVE 2 begins in April, with The Yamai Sisters to start things off, so I'll be looking for that.
SUPER SONICO.........uhhhhhhhh...I'll THINK about it.
MY SISTER IS UNUSUAL:  ghostly possession and Win-cest....hmmmmmm, welll...
SAILOR MOON 2014......hmmmmmmm


Sorry, but FUCK NO!!!!  I'm Serious!!!!  THIS IS PURE BULLSHIT!!!!  And I'm NOT gonna waste my time on it.  Plain and M-F-N Simple!!!!

Well, that's about it until January 2014.

So, until NEXT  TIME, I'll
SEE  YA',  THEN !!!

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Well, SUMMER ANIME SEASON 2013 is practically finished, with the FALL ANIME 2013 Season about ready to kick into gear (mainly, with "FREEZING:  Vibration" taking the lead on FRIDAY, October 4, 2013, on AT-X).

Wasn't that much of an eventful Summer for me (I was surprised that the second season of "RYO-KU-BU" didn't get as much of a pop as the first--and definitely much better--one).  Plus---there was "FREE" (HA!!!).  **AHEM!!**  Anyways, I do have a small group of favorites which tied me over this (very mild--so I was OUTSIDE, most of the time!!) summer.   Let's start of with MY #1 SHOW for Summer Anime Season 2013:

"THE SUNDAY WITHOUT GOD" Starring Aki Toyasaki, Mamiko Noto and Eri Kitamura

The Sunday Without God
(Yup--it gets the GIF, so I hope I don't CRASH your DEVICES.)

I LOVED this show.  At first, I was worried because this is the first Anime I watched with Toya-aki as the lead (usually, she's a sidekick or part of the ensemble), and I must say:  I was fucking impressed.  She wasn't a nimrod (like in K-ON and MANYUU HIKENCHOU) nor was she the shy imouto-type (like in QUEEN'S BLADE:  REBELLION)--although, the character of Ai Astin would sorta count as a imouto.  Here, in THE SUNDAY WITHOUT GOD, we have a sorta "Zombie Apocalypse" going on, with a "new race" called "GRAVE KEEPERS" keeping everything in check.  Ai IS a Grave Keeper.  She's also half-human (Grave Keepers are, technically, cloned Reapers--no, REALLY!!).  Oh---Ai's also 12-going-on-13.  No biggie, right?  Well, you know how it is when it comes to Zombie Apocalypses--the BIRTHRATE drops to ZERO.  In this case, that's what happened 15 years prior to the story.  HELL---people actually stopped DYING!!!  What I meant was, say you're in a auto accident that would've broken you up a million-ways-to-next week.  You'd walk away from it--a bit mutilated--but "alive", in an undead way.  And still with your wits about you.  Slowly decaying over time, but living on like all is normal.  Here's where Ai and her ilk come in:  it's her job to give you a proper burial, so that you will never come back.  BUT--what really IS going on in this "post-GOD" world?  Let's just say that "the Magic is back", so be careful WHAT you WISH for.  And, I hope we get a Second Season out of this.


"DOG AND  SCISSORS" Starring Marina Inoue, Takahiro Sakurai and Shizuka Ito

(I never thought an Anime about reading and feuding authors--no, I'm SEROUS!!--can be so damn funny!)

Poor Kazuhito.  He's a bookworm who has a favorite author--who's responsible for a great series, with one yet-to-be-completed entry--who saves a mysterious-looking chick in a diner from a robber, and losing his own life in the process.  Well, KARMA comes to his 'after-rescue' (mainly because Kazuhito never got around to finish reading his favorite series by his favorite author), and reincarnates him as a long-haired Dachshund--who winds up being purchased by that same dog-loving mysterious-looking chick....who also happens to be Kazuhito's FAVORITE AUTHOR.  "Kirihime Natsuno" (her pen name) is all of 20-years-old, a child prodigy who published her first novel at 12, and is able to afford to live in a High Rise Condo.  Bitch also has a slight sadistic streak--she carries around a pair of scissors the size of a Winchester .45, and uses them, mainly on poor Doggie Kazuhito, just to keep him in line.  And, if you think SHE'S a Piece-Of-Work, well that appears to be the running joke of this whole GONZO series:  ALL THE BABES ARE WHACK-JOBS!!!   Natsuno's Editor (played by Anime's current "SASS--Sick And Sexy Sister!!", Shizuka Ito) is old enough to be Nat-chan's  Mother Aunt, and is a raving perverted masochist who looks at the younger novelist as HER Master--and Nat-chan OBLIGES!!!   Then, there's poor Kazuhito's baby sister, Madoka.  She's gone "and-jumped-over-the-fence-and-can't-climb-back" after the death of her big brother (if you catch me!).  Bitch also carries a GIANT CHAINSAW (with matching accessories!!!!) which she uses to cook (badly!!) curry and attack Nat-chan with (shame that "Tuna Cutter" ain't shit against Nat-Chan's Giant Shears!!).  Those are just the main characters.  Man, this show tripped me out in the right way.  (OH YEA:  Shizuka Ito had the writers put into the final episode that she wanted to get Marina Inoue SOUSED!!!   And HOW!!!  Ha Ha HAAA!!)

Oh yea:  "DOG AND SCISSORS" gets the First Cosplay Shot:

Dog And Scissors COSPLAY!!  (No Puppy Prop, though!)
(Sweeeeeeet!!!  Shame there's no Puppy Props, but, hey!!)


THAT........"SHOW" Starring Izumi "Cleo Brand" Kitta

("No Matter How I Look At It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!")
 No, Tomoko---it's that youAre One.   UglyBitch!!!     Both INSIDE and OUT!!!   The character design is deliberately unpleasing to the eyes, but her nature and personality just sank this motherfucker--yet I tuned in week--after week---after goddamn week!!   Maybe I'M a masochist just for watching this all the way through.   Maybe SENTAI FILMWORKS lost their fucking minds--and it took them 22 YEARS!!!--by licensing and promoting the living fuck outta this (LUCI CRISTENSEN---RUN, BABY, RUN!!!, before you're TAPPED for this!!!).  I thought there would be SOME REASON to actually feel for this sad sack, but Tomoko isn't even "Charlie Brown" caliber.   I mean, what the fuck, man?!  


Tomoko (WataMote) cosplay
(And, she's one of the more aesthetically pleasing models!!  HA!!!)

Fuck it--------OPPAI!!!!!!!!!!!

"HIGH  SCHOOL DxD NEW"!!! Starring Yoko Hisaka (and her 'sisters'), Yuuki Kaji, Asami Asakura (and her 'rosary beads'), Ayana Taketatsu (and her 'almost theres'), Risa Taneda (and her 'honeydews'), and Shizuka Ito (with her 'certifieds')!!

High School DxD NEW
AT-X Anime Network, Japan, I BOW before ye!!  For thou deliverst unto thine world OPPAI UNCENSOREDTh!! AmenHallelujahGoodGawd!!!

OK--literally picking up from where last season left off, the FIRST IMAGE YOU SEE (no--I'm NOT SHITTIN' YA....I mean in the First!!!  14!!!!   Seconds!!!!  Of the entire season!!!) is Issei waking up to find a butt-naked Rias's SIZE 42's IN!!!!    HIS!!!    FACE!!!!!!.   FUCK YEA!!!!!!   Needless to say, not an episode goes by WITHOUT a version of "The Dress-Break" spell!!!  Sure, there's your "supernatural war" Plot (heh heh---I said PLOT!!!!), but it's Economically balanced (heh heh---I said ECONOMIC!!!) with the fan service we all watch this show for.  AND, there WILL BE as SEASON THREE (as a side character from Season One moseyed his way to a lead character status--RIKI "DD" KOYAMA, you have NEVER failed to keep me smiling for more than a decade, dawg!!!).   Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...........HISA-YO!!!!  (HA--ya'll sick fucks thought I was gonna say "OPPAI!!!"
, now didn't ya'!!!  Ha Haaaaaaaaa!!!)



Season ONE is finally winding down after 2-cour (26-Episodes), and boy-oh-boy, do I have some complaints!!

For Starters:
ATTACK ON TITAN immediately fell into the "Shonen Trap" (meaning, you waste 4-6 episodes on a scene that should be only 2 hours/1 day in the story's timeline--simply because you have too many fucking characters and side/backstories).

And Then:
The Story's MAIN PROTAGONIST is an undesireable sot who pussies out not even halfway through.  Yea, Eren Jaegar---I'm talkin' 'bout YOU!!  All anger and "I'M GONNA FUCKIN' KILL 'EM ALL!" (an original line!!!  It's IN the ANIME!!) bluster---

then along comes the shadiest character in the whole damn story, Levi, who kicks your fucking face in the courtroom (trust me--you've got to see that trial scene!!) and you bitch out for the rest of the run.  MIKASA has more BALLS--and MUSCLES!!!--than your sorry punk ass, even IF you can change into a TITAN!!

No, seriously--although the country isn't named--the opening songs and character names are a dead giveaway.  And, that fucking SALUTE:  It's a SWATSIKA-Cross, kiddies!!!  It's the SS-Salute, subverted with the right fist across the chest---if that same right hand was extended out and upward, well......

As something from a Japanese creator, why is it that the BEST damn character in the whole show (Mikasa Ackerman) is the ONLY Token Ethnic character?!  Where are the remains of the other races?  What's with all these jerky "white kids"?

To offset the fantastic background scenery art, we have enough gore to make Herschell Gordon Lewis bust a big knut!  Mutilations are in your face.  And the expendability of the (increasingly growing) cast is sickening.

Them goddamn EYE-LINES!!!   Those WILD-EYE expressions!!!  The total UNSEXINESS of the Female characters!!  (Levi would be good for the Homos, but, nevermind!!!)  The SAME goddamn body type--which brings up the Post-Nazi angle again:  ALL the corps members are ARYAN!!!  There, I said it.  ARYAN!!   There are no Fat, Stocky, Burly types there---only the TITANS themselves are THAT!!!

Haven't these stupid fools figured out that since the Titans are most active when the sun is out that they can/should WAIT until nightfall and take out a whole mess of 'em?   NO?!  Well then, they DESERVE to be Titan-chow!!   Also, regarding the actions of the Titans (both normal and 'abnormal') and the mystery in Eren's family home Basement--can you say "Frankenstein"?  (I mean, we're in what used to be Germany, right?!)


Oh well, there IS some "FEMALE TITAN" Cosplay, like THIS ONE:
Female Titan cosplay
(Some of these honeys are either going full body-suit, or FULL "BODY"-Suit--if you know what I mean!--for this Cosplay!!!)

Well, that's all I got for this time.

So, until NEXT  TIME,  I'll

SEE  YA',  THEN!!!

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Big Deal---RIGHT?!   Well, YOU BETCHA!! 
("Onii-chan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!"  or, "As Long as There's Love, It Doesn't Matter If He is My Brother, Right!")

This anime was probably the FIRST EVER Anime to air CENSORED on Japan's "Uncensored Anime Channel", AT-X.  And, wonders of wonders, them jackasses at Funimation LICENSED it right off the bat.  NOW, when it comes to the DVD-issue (due out in December), Funimation is--according to Anime News Network (www.animenewsnetwork.com)--going to make "OniAi" it's FIRST-EVER Subtitled Only Release


You have to wonder WHY, right?   Hey, maybe it's all in the "wording" (courtesy of ANN, Funimation is
"trying out a sub-only release because it will inform us as to whether it is a viable option for titles in the future that would otherwise not get released at all. In other words, we're looking into ADDING more releases…").


I HATE it when they beat around the bush like this.  (And, it ain't the FIRST TIME Funimation used special wording on certain titles---"DANCE IN THE VAMPIRE BUND", anyone?!)

SAY IT, you pussies (YUP--so SUE ME, 'cuz I called Funimation the "P" word!!!!):  It's because of the (drumroll, please!!!) INCEST Angle!!!!!

OOPS---I said the "I" word!!!   Yup--"INCEST"!!!  The last taboo.  It was the same reason AT-X went all "mosaic" on this show last year.  Although, nothing really vile happened (if you want real "Big Sister/Little Brother" action, I'll show you a couple of HENTAI Titles---LATER!!!).

Why don't the jackasses at Funimation ADMIT that this title deals with a character's incesteous feelings for her brother---OOPS...there's THE WORD, again?

FUNIMATION DUBS EVERY TITLE THEY LICENSE (yes, even "PANTY & STOCKING With GARTERBELT"!!)--so why go subtitle-only for "OniAi"?!  FUCK IT--why even LICENSE IT AT ALL when (A)You always go for the "mass market" and (B)You've NEVER even had a HENTAI-Branch to begin with?

Now, if this was Media Blasters--HELL Yea!!!  (But sadly, even though MB is still with us, it's only a shadow of what it was.)

Now, if this was Sentai Filmworks--MAN, they wouldn't even bat an eye (mainly because they were ADV-Films/SOFT CELL Pictures, at one time--so, yea!).

But, FUNIMATION, you're acting like a bunch of whiny-ass "hipsters":

"Yea man, 'OniAi' is the shit!  Let's license it and lay it on 'em!!  I mean, man, we did 'YAMADA'S FIRST TIME', right?!  Yeaaaaa!!"
"Oh wait, dude--this shit's about INCEST.  Can't drop that on the public without backlash, man."
"OK--let's just do it SUBS ONLY.  Nobody really reads subs, and we'll only get sales from hardcore fans, but at least we'll turn some profit."

---is WHAT they're probably thinking.


But, I digress............ 

So, until NEXT  TIME,  I'll
SEE  YA',  THEN!!!

(Stupid-Failing Business/Marketing 101-Fuckers!!!  Just Saying!)

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(The ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE just got a bit cuter--but, no less scarier!)

"The Sunday Without God" ("Kami-Sama No Nichiyobi")---


Starring Aki Toyasaki ("Kaede" from "Manyuu Hikenchou"), as a "Gravekeeper".  It's a weird one and a bit shocking, too.  Like for starters, "Akina" (Toya-aki's character) is 12-years-old.  No biggie--except people STOPPED being BORN 15 Years Ago.  And those still here JUST DON'T DIE (despite sometimes receiving "career-ending injuries"--hint, hint!).  It's HER job to put those souls to rest.

Question is:  how is a 12-year-old ALIVE when there hasn't been a BIRTH in 15 years, since "God" just threw up his hands and "quit"?

It airs FRIDAYS on CRUNCHYROLL (and is licensed for later DVD/BD release by Sentai Filmworks).

Until  NEXT  TIME,  I'll
SEE  YA',  THEN!!!

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NO!!!!    YOU    ARE    NOT    DREAMING!!!!     IT'S   HERE!!!!
Just this past Wednesday (June 26, 2013), WARNER BROS. has released probably the Second Most Badass Anime Of The First Wave to DVD!!!   THIS, after whetting the appetites of longtime fans (like myself!!!) with a "preview" on the First Volume of Warner's "Saturday Morning" DVD Series in 2011!!!

To be honest, I thought that MARINE BOY would NEVER see a licensed US Home Video release in my lifetime--which would've been a Goddamn Shame, because it was mainly THIS show (along with "KIMBA THE WHITE LION", "8th MAN", "GIGANTOR", "ASTRO-BOY"--and that show about this Dude In Some Badass All-Purpose Racing Car That Shall Remain Nameless!!) that helped to spark my lifelong obsession with anime.  As a matter of fact, "MARINE BOY" probably couldn't have been issued at a better time, because even when I first saw it (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back, between 1968 and 1977), it was some 25-30 years ahead of it's time.  (Hell---Hanna-Barbera's "SEALAB-2020", also in the Warner's "Saturday Morning" DVD Series, is 8-years AFTER 1966's "MARINE BOY"----and not really up to snuff;  which is WHY it became fodder for the future staff of "ARCHER" on Adult Swim back-in-the-day.)

Man, I'm so glad that I can finally cross this show OFF the "ANIME M.I.A. List".  I'm even happier that this DVD was released while "MARINE BOY"-himself (or rather, "herself"), Ms. Corrine Orr, is STILL with us.  For those NOT in the KNOW, she also played "Trixie" and "Spridel" on "SPEED RACER", as well as (the very obviously TOPLESS!!!) Mermaid Neptina on "MARINE BOY"!!

Corrine Orr
(Here's a photo of Ms. Corrine Orr around 2010.  She's STILL active--especially if you love that cute little Fabric Softener-Selling Teddy Bear named "SNUGGLES(tm)"!!)

THAT'S RIGHT---YOU'VE READ THAT LAST LINE CORRECTLY!!!  Neptina is a "true" Mermaid (but, even in the original Japanese version--unless she's in the FAR DISTANCE--you ain't gonna see nothing!!).  Now, as for the show itself, we're only getting the First Season on DVD--at the moment (with the Calypso Instrumental opening- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HqSkY4vtVY ).  There are some great moments here (that "Killer Starfish" episode was the very first one I remember seeing at the tender age of 5---and it's STILL scary!!), but mainly, I'm waiting for Season 2 to hit DVD.  Why, because of a couple of Badass Super Villians:  CAPTAIN CROOKE (in 3-D!!)--no, really, that's how he ANNOUNCED himself--and his sexy Pirate Queen JASMINA (no, seriously---think "QUEEN'S BLADE-REBELLION'S" So-Sexy-She's-Illegal-In-51-States "Captain Liliana" crossed with the downright tsundere-ness of "Queen Emeraldas", and you'd get Jasmina!), and the baddest of the bad, The Mutant Tiger Shark COUNT SHARK (YOU!!!   HAVE GOT TO!!!  SEE HIM!!!!)!!  Also, the Second Season has that kickass psychedelic Prog-Rock VOCAL Intro ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNl_X85vF9s ).

They say that it ran on Saturday Mornings--and probably did for a half-a-season--but I caught it the same way I caught the others:  in first-run syndication, on UHF!!  Ahhhh, the days of free-form UHF......ya'll kids today will never know!!

(I wonder if the DVD will have this classic "eye-catch", or the syndication trailer.)

An extra bonus would be if an interview with Corinne Orr is included (along with her memories of Jack Grimes and the MAN himself, Peter Fernandez--"BOLTON" and "PIPER", respectively--both of whom have ascended to a Higher Place).  I'm putting in MY ORDER now (since you have to get it DIRECTLY from WARNER'S Website--they're NOT putting it in stores....dammit!), and at about $26 for a 3-DVD Remastered Set (and, these episodes LOOK and SOUND BETTER than the way I remember them from 40+ years ago!!), one just can't go wrong.

As for certain anime tropes that made their debut in MARINE BOY:  we have "The Electric Boomerang" ("CUTEY HONEY"), "The Ocean Patrol"("DAPHNE IN THE BRILLIANT BLUE"), "The Post Global-Warming World"(quite a few Post-Apocalyptic Animes) and "Oxy-Gum"("EXCEL-SAGA"..no, REALLY!!!)---and I bet the LATTER is still in the "laboratory" as of today!!!!

And to think, I was gonna do a review on "JOHNNY SOKKO AND HIS GIANT FLYING ROBOT" this edition---

---well, that's coming. 

Well, until  NEXT  TIME, I'll
SEE  YA',  THEN!!!

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DATE A LIVE splash ad
YUP!!!!!!!!  And, if you've been following the LIGHT NOVEL in tandem with the Anime, then you KNOW what THAT MEANS:

More TOHKA!!!
More KOTORI!!!
More KURUMI!!!
And, most of all....

Of course, if you're into pushy girls....

According to ANIME NEWS NETWORK (www.animenewsnetwork.com), the announcement of Season 2 will take place at the end of Episode 12.  It's also been confirmed by the author of the Light Novel,
Koushi Tachibana.

For the upcoming Season 2, you can expect to see "MIKO IZAYOI" (CODENAME:  DIVA), as well as the Identical twins "KAGUYA YAMAI" (CODENAME:  BESERK) and "YUZURU YAMAI" (CODENAME:  BESERK)---no, that's NOT a typo.  You need to read the LIGHT NOVEL to see what I mean.   Also, expect to go deeper into

(Uhhhhhh,  just NOT HOW TOHKA's DOIN' IT, though!!!  Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaa!!!   Go, DEEP, bay-bay!!!)

No, but(t) seriously, ya'll---in Season 2, according to the LIGHT NOVEL, we're gonna learn a little more about what makes this poor cold-hearted darling tick, and whether SHE can be SAVED 
.  We're also gonna meet Shido's "long-lost twin sister"---betcha didn't know he had one, now did ya'?!   Well, neither did MIKO IZAYOI.  See, "DIVA" doesn't like men, and when she discovers Shido's resemblance to some hot chick she's been seeing, well....."Spacequake", anyone.

And, what about them motherfucking YAMAI Twins?!  They say twins are TWO of the Same Person---but, what if the twins happen to be TWO PARTS of ONE PERSON?   And "SPIRITS"?!   And....uhhhh...."Popular", at that?!

Expect to learn a little bit more about DEM, and what they REALLY have in store.  And, who the fuck is "Helen", and what makes her more badass than ANY Spirit---and, SHE'S HUMAN, to boot?!   Will MANA return, and what will her alliances be?!

Most of all, what's REALLY up with the "Ai-Mai-Mii" trio, and the answer to EVERYONE'S QUESTION:

KURUMI--Will She Be SAVED By Shido, or NOT?!

All this and more will be answered when "DATE-A-LIVE" returns for Season 2.

So, until  NEXT  TIME, I'll
SEE  YA',  THEN!!!

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Eventually, if this keeps up, I'm gonna have to make a GALLERY POST.  But, until then, here's a couple of new MEMES for you to download and share:

1.  "KOTORI" (a.k.a. "EFREET")

Kotori meme



Mikasa meme

OH----and I believe you know the RULES for this next (SURPRISE) Entry:


Courtesy of Pro Cosplayer Cosplayando:

Kotori cosplay (by cosplayando)
"KOTORI ITSUKA"---Imouto (Little Sister)-mode!!  (Complete with Chupa Chups/Blow-Pops!!)
(Image (c)2013 Cosplayando, via DeviantArt.com )
To be honest, I thought we would NEVER get another "DATE-A-LIVE" cosplayer.  Which is kinda shocking, considering that characters like "TOHKA" and "KURUMI" are just crying out to be Cosplayed.  We DO have quite a few "YOSHINO's", but this is probably the first--and only (so far)--"KOTORI".    And, not even an "EFREET"/Spirit Mode version.  Oh well, thanks anyway Cosplayando, and as for the REST OF YA'LL:


Well, until  NEXT  TIME,  I'll
SEE  YA',  THEN!!!

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There are times when everything just clicks, and so far, Spring 2013 has dropped a boatload of Anime Hits on our heads.  As for ME---

---I've been following about SEVEN.  Well, it was EIGHT, but one was dropped.  "RED DATA GIRL (R-D-G)" just didn't live up to it's hype for me.  After last year's "HANASAKU IROHA", I expected amazing things from P.A. WORKS.  Artistically speaking and as far as the writing is concerned, I guess "RDG" would've been great.  BUT, CASTING is EVERYTHING, and sadly, SAORI HAYAMI is not a good lead actress.  After a couple of years as minor and supporting characters, P. A. WORKS was hoping to use this vehicle to put young Miss Hayami over with the fans (a'la Kanae Ito).  But, alas, she's not able to carry a dramatic lead by herself (unlike the surprise fans got last year from Kanae Ito).  Also, there's this thing with the "Pre-Air" situation---which ALSO killed this show for me because fans were able to check the episode out before it's official Japanese airing.  And, seeing how bland the lead actress was just killed "RDG".  (There's ANOTHER SHOW being "Pre-Aired", but more on that later!)

Luckily for Saori-chan, she has TWO Series running at the same time, and this second one is a bit better than "RDG"---a bit, but not too much:


Zettai Bouei Leviathan logo
(Clockwise from Upper Left:  Ayana Taketatsu as "Jörmungandr"/"Juggernaut", Eri "Kita-Eri" Kitamura as "Bahamut"/"Behemoth", Kana "Kahana" Hanazawa as "Syrup", and Saori Hayama as "Levia-tan"/"Leviathan".  Notice a little something about the names of the 3 "dragon-girls"?)

I guess Saori-chan has found her niche in this fantasy series, with some veteran Seiyuu to back her up (especially Kahana's talkative fairy, "Syrup"). It also helps that each episode it 20 minutes long and MOE Out The Ass!!!  You just wanna wrap her up and take her home---she's just that cute.  (Plus, it plays on Saori-chan's "sad girl" type-casting---which is what REALLY killed "RDG" for me.) Anyway, this is one of 2 Shows this Season that features "Mon-Girls" ("Monster Girls")---in case you DON'T GET IT:  The RED Dragon-Girl is The Juggernaut, The GREEN Dragon-Girl is The Behemoth and The BLUE Dragon-Girl is The Leviathan...ALL LEGENDARY SEA MONSTERS.  You can add The Fairy into this mix too, because Fairies would be considered "monsters", as well (at least, in Syrup's case, since she can EAT more than a whole herd of Elephants!!). Oh, by the way, SENTAI FILMWORKS snagged this one, so expect a DVD/BD before October!!!  YEA!!!  Now, as for that OTHER TYPE OF "MON-GIRL":

"Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san" ("Muromi-san On The Shore")
(a.k.a. "That MERMAID Show, Nigga!!!!!!!!!!")

Muromi-san logo
(It's your favorite SEIYUU-Gone-Wild: [l-to-rChiwa Saito as "Yeti" riding Kaneko Sakai as "Harpy", Ai Nonoka as "Hii-chan", Sumire Uesaka as "Sumita-san", "Tayu-chan" Yukari Tamura as [That GHETTO-Fish!!] "Muromi-san" and Hitomi Harada as "Fuji-san".   Sadly, NOT PICTURED is Mai Nakahara as "Levia-san"--say THAT fast 3 times!!)

Here's a 12-minute
, gag-a-second late-night (no, really--it airs at 1:00AM in Japan!!!) Anime that is so WRONG, you just might "Myth" something if you blink!!  "Myth" beign the key word here behind most of the humor (almost NOTHING, Eastern and/or Western, is left untouched here!!).  It also helps that Muromi-san gives all your previous perceptions of mermaids a BAD NAME!!  I mean, bitch talks in a Street-Accent (damn right, she's fuckin' gangsta!!!); looks like she's from the hood and been around the block more than a dozen times; has "connections"; ain't afraid to get stoned or knock back a tall one, or two with her friends; and will bitch-slap a Sea-World Attendant who gives her some lip, as well as anyone--or ANYTHING--who has bigger tittles!!  Oh, did I mention that she and "the girls" are over a Billion-Years-Old; have seen the Dinosaurs; got drunk as they watched Troy BURN; helped destroy the Mu Empire in the NAME of The Olympus Federation; and have technology like Cell-Phones, etc.,?!   Now, there's this kid name Takuro (SEIYU: Takehiro Mizushima) who had the gall to actually FISH Muromi (and later, Levia-san) out of the water!!  And now, she's trying to put the moves on the kid, all the while introducing him to her friends--including The Yeti (who's fuckin' cute as a Ninja-girl in a furry one-piece----but is STILL THAT "Yeti"!!), a Body-Building "Ultraman"-type Kappa (who has the poor kid thinking he'll get BUTT-FUCKED by this muscular demon!!!), Levia-san (yea, she's THAT "Leviathan"--and has the muscular abs and fire breath to prove it), an alien genius/invader named "Wiseman" (who helped "finance" Mu's Technology, only to have them get stupid with it, and you know the rest!), and "Otohime"--The Japanese Ocean Witch/Goddess (SEIYUU:  Saki Fujita), of whom Muromi-san is not quite on speaking terms (Bitch VS. Bitch!!). Another character in this madness is the child-like Harpy, who is literally a Bird-Of-Prey when it comes to "Fish Dinner" (like, mermaids!!).  This show moves at a quick clip and the jokes are easy to catch (and in regards to the mythology, it might make you GOOGLE certain things--I know I did!!). So, I'm loving this one week-after-week (and hope there's a 2nd Season.) Moving Ahead----


HenNeko logo
NOT your AVERAGE "Pervy Boy-meets-Emotionless-Tsundere-Loli Girl/Supernatural Anime".  Not that there's anything "average" about that.  As a Anime, it's really no biggie, just your basic High School Romance.  It's just that there's the added Supernatural element of a wish-granting stone cat-idol.  Besides that, it's just business as usual.  First off, after hearing the Title, I thought it was gonna be totally ecchi (not that there's anything wrong with that), but it's actually kinda a sweet romantic story.  No real nudity and/or sex (although there is a bit of lewdness---and oddly, besides our hero [SEIYUU: Yuuki Kaji], it's some of the OLDER Girls who are nastiest, imagination-wise)As for our deadpan-talking emotionless stony cat herself she is played by Yui Ogura whose growling raspy monotone will have you in stitches especially when she tries to affect any kind of emotion and yes the way I'm writing this is the way she talks. (No, seriously---lack of punctuation, and all!!) "HenNeko" is also a guilty pleasure of mine for this Spring.   Well, moving right along-------->


hataraku-maou-sama logo
(left-to-right:  "Hiyoko-chan" Yoko Hisaka as "Emi Yusa"/Hero "Emilia Justina", Nao Toyoma as "Chiho Sasaki", Yuuki Ono as "Shiro Ashiya"/Demon General "Alsiel", and Ryota Ohsaka as "Maou Sado"/Demon King "Satan Jacob".)
I'm not gonna go into detail here (you can read EVERYONE ELSE'S reviews, and it'll all be the same), but I will say that you will NOT be disappointed.  Especially now with the "Mc(**BEEEEP!!**)ld's VS. (**BEEEEEP!!)cky Fried Chicken WAR"-angle in full swing!! Also, with Kanae Ito and Hiro Shimono invading the cast (and the uncredited drag-queen Seiyuu Veteran Kujira as "Miki T."), we're in for a really good time.  Just remember:  Think "MAOUYUU MAOU YUUSHA"---but with everything turned inside out.  It's STILL about "economics" (no, REALLY!!).  And, speaking of us "working stiffs"----->

Welcome To Sparrow Hotel logo
A lot of fans are having a hard time getting into this weekly 3-minute shortie (probably because there ISN'T a single character UNDER THE AGE OF 18 here), but I say, Give It A Chance--you just might like it. The premise is what makes this a late-night gem:  It's about the (nightly) routine of running a 5-Star Hotel and the new hire, who happens to be an "oppai-heavy" cutie------who used to be an Ninja Hitwoman!!! Seiyuu Minori Chihara is playing to TYPE as busty-n-lethal "Sayuri Sato" in  this comedy.  (The character kinda even bears a distinct likeness to the genuine article herself!!).  FANSERVICE--oh, yeaaaaa!!  But, not at the level of (let's say, a) "QUEEN'S BLADE" (and yea, she's also "Yuit-chan" in "Rebellion"!).  Instead, it's a workplace comedy about a hotel and it's new female steward/security system.  That's right---I said "System", as in a one-woman squad.  Ohhhhhhhh, kayyyyyyy.........

Date a live logo
By now, if you AIN'T watching "DATE-A-LIVE" (because of "Harem-phobia", you FAG!!!), then you are missing out on the Second Best Anime of the Spring 2013 Season.  Remember what I said about "Pre-Airs" practically killing "RED DATA GIRL", earlier?   Well, after Episode 2 of "DATE-A-LIVE", the "Pre-Airs" just brought the show more fire.  It also helped, in this case, that the sub-house for CRUNCHYROLL (Doki, I think), wasn't SHIT compared to the new upstart who's doing the Broadcast Version (Anime-Koi---who kinda feels like the former Kira-fansubs).  As the show went on, we discovered that the series Heroine ("Tohka", SEIYUU:  Marina Inoue) is a bratty, immature dingbat, while cute loli "Yoshino" (SEIYUU:  Iori Nomizu) just stole all our hearts with her sweetness.  The REAL FUN happened when veteran Seiyuu Asami Sanada scared the living shit out of the entire internet as "Kurumi", and ran off with the entire show (for close to 4 episodes).  You gotta remember that if you're only in your late-teens/early -20's (which I haven't BEEN for a MINUTE!! HA HA!!), and you grew up watching "DI GI CHARAT" in Japan, then, yea, you'd piss your pants in fright when the "cute widdle Di Gi Charat" of your childhood "grows up" and becomes a MAN-EATING, LITTLE SISTER-SHOOTING, GOTHIC LOLITA TERROR from Outer Space!!   And, yea--lighting up the internet in the process.  Speaking of Imoutos (Little Sisters), Ayana Taketatsu (again!!) takes over the Spirit Mantle for the remainder of this season.  MAN!!!!  "DATE-A-LIVE" is LIKE THAT!!!   But, it's just under...........


Attack On Titan logo
This Is The MOTHERFUCKER Of The Whole Season!!!
I already reviewed it about 3 entries ago, so I won't go into it.  Instead, I'll say that, yea, THIS is the reason my laptop is working overtime on Saturday Nights.  Also, FUCK Eren Jaeger!!!!!!!!!!!   He may be The Protagonist, be he is no longer The Star.  (I believe we all know who stole the SPOTLIGHT in this show!!)

Oh well, that's all for now, so.....

Until NEXT  TIME,  I'll

SEE  YA',  THEN!!!

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DATE A LIVE splash ad
"DATE A LIVE"!!! Just!!   Got!!!   Real!!!
(Everybody say, "Thanks, Kurumi!!!")

(CLOCKWISE from Upper Left:  "REINE" -Aya Endo, "KOTORI"/"EFREET" -Ayana Taketatsu, "ORIGAMI" -Mizusu Togashi, "SHIDOU" -Nobunaga Shimazaki, "MANA" -Misato, "YOSHINO"/YOSHINON"/"HERMIT" -Iori Nomizu, "TOHKA"/"PRINCESS" -Marina Inoue, and "KURUMI"/"NIGHTMARE" -Asami Sanada.)

, "DATE A LIVE" was off to a pretty nice start.  I mean, here you have your basic "Boy-Meets-Alien-Superpowered-Girl" Spring Anime, starring your favorite Anime-Honey TypesTsundere cutey-pie (Tohka), Dandere huggable loli (Yoshino), Yandere semi-psycho babe (Kurumi), an Imouto-chan/Little Sister, or two (Mana and/or Kotori), a cool beauty/Ice Queen (Origami),  a Sensei-chan/Hot Woman-Girl Teacher ("Tamae" a.k.a. "Tama-chan"/Kaori Sadohara-NOT PICTURED), and a cool Oneesan/Big Sister-type (Reine).

Sure, in stories like this, it's your basic "Hero and Alien Hottie does Cute Things Together and causes Hi-Jinks wherever they go." With "Lots of Ecchi Double-Entendre Romantic Comedy and Eye Candy." You know--the basics.  It's just when said SCI-FI/HAREM Show goes into "TENCHI MUYO! Ryo-Ohki!"-type overdrive, then you KNOW you're in for a big treat.

Now, like I mentioned in a
PREVIOUS ENTRY ( http://lmwise.livejournal.com/42750.html ), I like to give these things time and not rush into shit, because, while FIRST IMPRESSIONS can be good enough to SELL a series, they might not be enough to make you want to HOLD ONTO that same series.  Some shows start STRONG ............only to peter out, while others begin with a whisper and close with a BANG!!!!   To find that ONE SERIES that's consistent (meaning, "Less Filler"), you've got to hold out for about 3-4 episodes.  If it doesn't live up to your expectations then, welllllllll...............

And, the fucked-up thing is, some of my peers (most of whom, sadly, are underage dorkish dudes who can't take the sight of cleavage without whining like some pure-D bitches!!---thereby, making me one of the odd-adult-men out among anime fans!) were actually ready to ditch "DATE A LIVE" right after the "TOHKA Arc" (Episodes 1-3) was finished.  Did it have something to do with Tohka's loss-of-attire at the end of Episode 3?  Don't worry--I'm getting to that.  And yes, it's all within story context.

opens up with a cataclysmic event called a "Spacequake", which literally wiped out 1/3 of Eurasia some 30-years-prior----taking out an unbelievable 150+ Million Souls in the process.  About 15 years AFTER the initial "Spacequake", ANOTHER---and sorta less-devastating---"Spacequake" opened up a gargantuan crater in the Kanto Region of Japan (yup---TOKYO!!!!!).  Since that time, smaller (yet, no less devastating) "Spacequakes" continue to occur----primarily in Japan.  And, this is where our story picks up.  5 years prior to the first chapter, another huge-magnetude "Spacequake" struck Japan, and left an awful LOT of ORPHANS. (MORE on these children, later.)


Here is where we are intruduced to our Hero, SHIDOU ITSUKA (SEIYUU:  Nobunaga Shmazaki ["Orobas" from "SHANA III"]), who is rudely awakened by his little sister, KOTORI (SEIYUU:  Ayana Taketatsu
["Eclair" from "DOG DAYS"]).  It's a "usual" good morning between these two, only to get wind--via TV--that a small "Space Tremor" hit a couple hundred miles away.  Later at school, Shidou gets a shock when the very frigid, albeit school genius, ORIGAMI TOBIICHI (SEIYUU:  Mizusu Togashi ["Azuki" from "MAKEN-KI"]), strikes up a quickie conversation and takes a liking to him---something which not only freaks Shidou out a bit, but brings whispers fro his classmates. SUDDENLY, the air raid siren sounds, signalling the arrival of a "Spacequake".  Shidou's city (located in the CRATER that was once TOKYO!!!) has this drill down to a science, with whole city blocks retracting underground on gimbels and being closed off with reinforced steel trap-doors.  In the confusion caused by the evacuation, Origami--who at the time, was carrying on a conversation with Shidou--takes leave, and Shidou also remembers that he had a "dinner date" with his little sister, who mentioned that "even if a Spacequake happens, promise me you'll be there." Sure enough, and true to form, Kotori is WATING outside of the restaraunt she and Shidou was supposed to have dinner.  Angered that she didn't evacuate with the others, Shidou runs to her---only to have the "Spacequake" occur....RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!!!  And, like Maxell Smart, he MISSED IT---by THAT Much!!!!  (Think having a fault-line chasm just STOP right at your HEEL!!!  Yea, just like that!!)

Well, when Shidou gets his bearings, he looks down into the crater, and sees a glowing purple light coming from the center.  Upon a CLOSER look, he sees.........

(SEIYUU:  Marina Inoue [currently "Aramin" on "ATTACK ON TITAN"].)

(Well, alright!!!  If this is GOD, then Take Me Now!!)

Immediately, SHE draws her BASS --on HIM!!! 

NOW, before you say, "WHADAFUCK, FOOL!!!  I SAW THIS SHOW, AND SHE DON'T PLAY NO BASS!!!", let me assure you that "BASS" is an achronym.  BUT, in case you STILL DON'T GET IT, let me reitterate:

Immediately, SHE draws her Big-Ass Sword, Sucka
--on HIM!!!  "Are you here to KILL ME, too?!" are the first words out of her mouth, to which Shidou admits he isn't--while still looking down the BODY -that's Blade Of Doom, Ya'll!! TRANSLATION:  This Cute-Ass Hottie In Shining Royal Violet Armor Over a Radiantly Glowing Silver/White Dress With A Sullen Facial Expression And Armed With One Hell-Of-A-Sword is a DESTROYER OF WORLDS!!! And she has it pointed at YOU------

------when, from outta nowhere, your ass winds up being SAVED by these....well..."VALKYRIES" in Rocket-Powered Next-To-QUEEN'S BLADE-Nothing Battle Suits,
who designate this hot-n-sexy INVADER as "PRINCESS", and proceed to (ATTEMPT TO!!!) lay the Welcome-To-Earth, Bitch SMACKDOWN on her!   I say, "ATTEMPT TO!!", because "Princess" can really USE that weapon of hers, as she starts to lay waste to this squad of Earth Honeys, while Shidou watches.  Suddenly, one of the Valkyries breaks from the pack and takes the fight to "Princess" one-on-one.  Shidou recognizes this babe as Origami Tobiichi--his CLASSMATE!!  Pissed-off at this, "Princess" delivers a FINAL BLOW on Origami, the percussion of which knocks Shidou out-of-in-and-into-next-week!!!  As he slowly revives, he hears "voices" which he can't make out.  Upon opening his eyes, he's greeted by a very tired looking, so-hot-you-KNOW-you-WANNA! babe who identifies herself as "Reine Murasame" (SEIYUU:  Aya Endo ["Princess Annelotte Kruez" from "QUEEN'S BLADE: REBELLION"]), and that he's been transported to safety aboard a ship called RATATOSKR.  From there, Reine-chan introduces Shidou to "Lt. Commander Kyohei Kannazuki" (SEIYUU:  Takehito Koyasu [the one-and-only "Yosho" from "Tenchi Muyo!"]), who informs our hero that RATATOSKR is an invisibility-cloaked Starship that's orbiting directly above Shidou's hometown.  Finally, Kyohei and Reine take Shidou to meet the Commander who's running the whole show.  And, if Shdou was concerned that he couldn't rescue his bratty little sister in time, then his FIRST WORRIES were put to rest, while his REAL WORRIES began:  14-year-old KOTORI ITSUKA is the Commander Of RATATOSKR!!!  She's also one strict little BEEEEE-YATCH in her "Commander Mode", as she takes no bullshit from her lolicon 2nd-in-command!!!

The very serious child-commander informs her Big Brother that the "Spacequakes" are NOT a random celestial phenomenon, but are the RESULT of interdimensional beings entering Earth's atmosphere.  These beings, called "SPIRITS", are highly destructive, and capable of annihlating civilizations and whole entrie worlds, given the opportunity.  Strangely though, these beings appear to be-----young girls!!!  As is (the 16-year-old looking) "Princess", of whom the crew observes on the previously recorded video.

As for the "Valkyries":  they are identified as The Anti-Spirit Taskforce (a.k.a. AST), and they're name is self-explainitory.  They are an all-female division of the JSDF (Japan Special Defense Force) whose job it is to erradicate the Spirits, which is easier said than done, since they haven't had single kill to date, because The Spirits have this habit of "vanishing" (hence the term "Spirit"--when in actuallity, they are Destroyer Goddesses).  Which brings us back to the crew of the RATATOSKR and it's "mission":  to stop The Spirits by "saving them".  Kotori explains to her Big Brother that HE will play a big part in this mission, for it is HE who must SAVE the Spirits, which in turn will SAVE the World.  HOW Shidou must do this is the kicker:  He has to make the Spirit fall in LOVE with HIM in order to save HER.  

YEA, I KNOW!!  You have to remember one thing:  this...being...called a "Spirit" is in actuality a GODDESS.  A Planet-Crushing GODDESS.  Translation:  she only LOOKS like a cute girl.  One.  Wrong.  Move, and...."well, it was nice
."  GOT IT?!   Good!!!

OK---so Shidou is game.  But, wouldn't you know it---the following day at school, he comes across Origami, who corners him and tells him to "forget everything you saw"!  Shidou can't and refuses Origami's suggestion and then ask her, "Why do you hate The Spirits so much?"  "Because," she emotionlessly replies, "5 years ago, I lost my Parents to a Spirit!"

Thus, the TRAGEDY of the AST:  THESE GIRLS are the ORPHANS of a violent series of "Spacequakes" 5 years prior, and, like Origami herself, are mostly fueled by revenge for their losses, as opposed to outright hatred, unlike Origami.  And each one of these girls are a killing machine, whom, if she's lucky enough, just might hit the JACKPOT and KILL a Spirit.  All the more reason that Shidou is willing to try the non-violent method of Team RATATOSKR, because if a fight between the AST (or, heaven forbid, the Military!!) and a Spirit gets outta hand, the Spirit will lay in the (real!!) Final Blow!!!   Think Eurasia 30-years-prior, but on the scale of Rolland Emmerich's "2012"---GOT IT!!!  Alright!

Well, sure enough, ANOTHER "Spacequake", and "Princess" returns---only this time the "epicenter" was Shidous school!!!!  And "Princess" is waiting for him!!  With the AST closing in.  Shidou confronts the saddened Spirit, who's actually very afraid, and attacks only in self-defense.  She doesn't even know WHY she's here, WHY she's being attacked "by the Mecha-Mecha People", or WHAT her name IS--or WAS.  Shidou informs the girl, whom he names "Tohka", that he is on her side--this while the AST throws everything at them.  No worries--Tohka erects a energy sheild around herself and Shidou.  Of course, this pisses off Origami, and she breaks away again and takes the fight to Tohka.  Tohka WINS (but at Shidou's insistence, doesn't really HARM the AST or Origami), only to vanish when all is said and done---after Shidou mentions taking Tohka on a DATE!!  A day later, as Shidou observes his school being hastily repaired (by another division of The JSDF/AST), he meets a Tsun-Tsun Tohka-chan sitting near the rubble in her battle-armor.  She's THERE, without having caused a "Spacequake", and is ready for her date.  Shidou, seeing that Tohka's look will really stand out, asks her to change her clothes into something less noticable.  Raising her arm, Tohka transforms her Astral Dress into something like a School Uniform--magical-girl style--and she and Shidou are OFF!!

Giving Shidou pointers on this innaugural Spirit-Date are the Crew of The RATATOSKR, composed of some of the most questionable "romantic advisors" ever (ONE DUDE has gone thru FIVE Bad Marriages/Divorces, while ONE CHICK has been known to stalk her exes to the point there is a Global Restraining Order on her ass!!!).  Then, there's Tohka herself:  as an "ordinary girl", she's a bit childish, pushy and has a bottomless-pit of a stomach.  Poor Shidou.  Poor Shidou's WALLET!!  Anyhow, tailing them---well, stalking them, really---is Origami, who doesn't want the man she has designs on to be seen with other girls.  ESPECIALLY if said "girl" is the Spirit whom the AST is after!!  She calls for a Battle-Suit and reinforcements.

After Shidou and Tohka visit an arcade (with her winning a Bread-shaped Plush Pillow), they discuss their roles in the world, while in the distance, Origami waits for a clear shot to SNIPE Tohka with an energy round.  She GETS the GO AHEAD and FIRES........and accidently nails SHIDOU, instead!!  Overcome by the realization of what she done, Origami collapses to her kness, while Tohka, seeing her first-ever friend and soulmate DIE right in front of her LOSES HER SHIT!!, TRANSFORMS!!, SUMMONS HER SWORD--which she then UPGRADES!!, and proceeds to lay into Origami.  Origami offers no resistance, except her barrier-sheild, but that ain't shit against something that is capable of splitting SUNS in Half!!  Just as Origami was about to resign herself to her fate and join her parents, along comes an fully-healed(?!?!?) Shidou, who intercepts Tohka.  She calms down, but her sword goes into critical-mode.  In order to "save a Princess" Kotori instructs Shidou to KISS HER.  He does, and one of the most amazing scenes in animation history takes place as Tohka's "Astral Dress" "slips off", leaving her powered down and naked in Shidou's arms.

(Yea---kinda like THAT!!)

Next day, there's a NEW Transfer Student in Shidou's Classroom:  TOHKA YATAGAMI.  This works the ire of ANOTHER of Shidou's Classmates:  Origami Tobiichi (not that you'll ever really know it, the way she keeps to herself)!
Kotori also puts her Big Brother thru hell by having Reine transfer in as an Assistant Teacher (Narcolepsy, and ALL!!).  And if that's not enough, until a special building can be constructed for The Spirits, Tohka is staying over at The Itsukas!!  No rest for our weary Shidou!!

Things get even worse when a wave of rainstorms hit town.  In one of them, Shidou runs across the Second Spirit, a very shy girl who appears she is all of 12, named "Yoshino" and her hand-puppet/alter-ego "Yoshinon" (SEIYUU:  Iori Nomizuo
["Antonia" from "ASOBE IKUYO"/"CAT PLANET CUTIES"]).

(The "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" -Factor just shot up 500%.)

Shidou, for some reason, recognizes her as a Spirit, and tells Kotori about it.  As the plan to save Yoshino goes into motion, Yoshino reappears, causing a "Spacequake", thereby sending The AST into action.  Yoshino retreats in fear, never once fighting back, which also makes The (very adolescent!!) AST girls and their 27-year-old Captain, Ryoko, out to be bullies!!  Yoshino hides in a vacant building, with The AST waiting for her to emerge.  Kotori uses this opportunity to send Shidou to the rescue, while at the same time, Tohka, who has a hard time comprehending Spacequake Evacuation Proceedure, wonders where Shidou and Reine vanished to all of a sudden.  She then senses Shidou and takes leave of the shelter.

Meanwhile, Shidou and Yoshino meet inside the building, where he has a conversation---with Yoshinon, whom Shidou makes a mistake of calling "just a puppet".  This brings a horrifying shadowed glare from Yoshino (REMEMBER:  She only LOOKS like a 12-year-old girl, but is really something like a GOD!  OK?)  A quick apology warms up Yoshino, but she loses her footing on the stack of boxes where she stood, and fell--LIPS FIRST on Shido!!  It's in this scene that you know once in for all that even though Yoshino is YOUNGER than Tohka, she's much more MATURE!!!  And, guess who HAPPENS to see this almost kiss?!   You betcha--Tohka!!  And, she's about to lose her shit, once more!!  It makes matters worse when Yoshinon (literally Yoshino's alternate personality thru a hand puppet) talks some mean shit to Tohka, saying that Yoshino's cuteness TRUMPS hers and Shidou prefers Yoshino OVER Tohka.  "You MAD?"  Well, yea!   Now, it's TOHKA who's the BULLY:  She snatches Yoshinon OFF of Yoshino's left hand and holds the puppet high over her head, forcing the child-Spirit to jump to try to retrieve it, all the while bitching at Shidou, who's trying to calm her down.

Yoshino calls out her Angel in a blood-curdling scream, which reveals itself to be something like a Giant Rabbit Beast (Tohka's Angel is her Sword!).  This attracts the AST, who attack the fleeing girl and her Rabbit Guardian while Origami once more engages Tohka--only to be stopped by Shidou.  Pissed off, Origami helps her teamates go after Yoshino, who loses Yoshinon in the confusion.  Origami, finding the puppet, retrieves it for herself (mainly because she likes cute things!!).  Meanwhile, Yoshino vanishes.  And a jealous Tohka just ain't having it--she locks herself in her room, crying into her pillow.

The next day, another rainstorm hits as Shidou heads home from school.  Again, he runs into Yoshino--no "Spacequake" (much like Tohka, that time).  The child-Spirit is rummaging thru the wreckage looking for Yoshinon, so Shidou helps out.  Then, her stomach growls.  Shidou brings Yoshino home with him and fixes her something to eat, while telling her that he will save her with a kiss.  Remembering what it was, Yoshino draws closer and asks, "was it like this?", when who would happen to appear but Tohka.  Before the older girl could lunge at her, Yoshino stands up and vanishes in a shower of sparkles, only making Tohka angrier.  As she storms out, Shidou recieves word from Kotori that Yoshinon has been found---at Origami's apartment.  Building his nerve, he goes there, identifies himself over Origami's intercom and is immediately buzzed, where she's waiting for him---in a MAID Uniform!!

I don't have to tell you that she tries to put the moves on him---screw it!!  Origami practically attempts RAPE on Shidou, before she decides to take a shower.  This gives him the chance to rush thru her apartment to find Yoshinon (Origami goes thru ENERGY DRINKS like water, and has a Pillow with some lewd Porno Suggestions on BOTH SIDES!!!  Ahhhhh, oh-kay!!!).  He finds Yoshinon sitting on top of her bedroom dresser, and confiscates him--just as Origami emerges from the shower wearing ONLY her towel!!  She closes in on the target, who STOPS her and asks if The Spirit is a Nice Girl, would she STILL attack her?  "My orders are abosolute.", is Origami's reply.  Suddenly, a small "Space Tremor" is reported to Origami, and she tells Shidou to leave.

It's YOSHINO!!  The AST spring into action, but not before Yoshino calls her Angel--now GODZILLA-Sized!!--to aid in her escape.  Beathing frozen air, the beast freezes the sheilds of two airborne AST agents, making them crash to the street.  Origami lays into the beast by using magic to RAISE the same abandoned building where Yoshino hid the first time, and TOSS IT right on the creature---but not before the Angel Beast makes a barrier to protect it's mistress.  Seeing Shidou, Origami tries to send him away, but Tohka, having a change of heart about Yoshino, runs interference and guides to AST away so that Shidou could reach Yoshino.  Working his way thru shards of ice, Shidou finds the child-Spirit crying in fear.  He then reveals to Yoshino that he has Yoshinon.  After getting her puppet back, Yoshino weeps in satifaction and then KISSES Shidou, causing her "Astral Dress" to melt away.

Yoshino, ep. 5
(Yea---kinda like THAT!!!)

Anyhoo, after this, The Spirit's Condo, located a couple of blocks from The Itsuka Residence, is open.  Tohka moves out of Shidou's house, and another tennant also moves into the Condo:  Yoshino.

Of course, there's the obligatory ONSEN (Hot Springs) Episode (Episode 6)
, with a CAMEO from the Anime Likeness of the Opening Credits Narrator, Ms. Kotono Mitsuishi--YUP, "SAILOR MOON", herself!! (You'll know it when you see it!!)

The last image of Episode 6 is the sihloette of a girl in something like an AST Uniform--and she appears to mean business!!

Her name is
MANA TAKAYAMA (SEIYUU:  Misato [previously "Kimi Sato" in "MAKEN-KI"])

And we learn that she is SHDOU'S REAL YOUNGER SISTER!!! Sadly, like her brother, she shares a bizarre amnesia about anything over 4 years ago.  But, one thing is certain:  You DON'T wanna FUCK WITH HER---

See, 14-year-old Mana (who starts a rivalry with Shdou's FAKE Little Sister--Kotori--for his attention!!) has been in pursuit of the most dangerous of all Spirits, a vicious killer who has murdered more than 10,000 people by her own hands, and has no qualms about WHO she kills (Human OR Spirit):


(SEIYUU:  Asami Sanada ["Chizuko" from "MAHOROMATIC-Automatic Maiden"].)

Kurumi wants to EAT you!
How Bold is BOLD?!  Let's try How Scary is Scary, instead.  See, Kurumi just transfers herself into Shidou's classroom, and identifies herself AS A "SPIRIT" right off the bat.  This shocks Shidou, Origami AND Tohka, and the rest of the class doesn't know what to say.  Making like a lost tourist, she asks that Shidou be her guide.  Meanwhile, at the AST Campus, Capt. Ryoko is impressed with Mana, who mentions that she is here because not only has she KILLED a Spirit, but also she's here for a special Spirit.  A meeting with Origami in the hallway gives Mana a chance to ask her what is Shidou to her.  Origami's straight-forward answer:  "We're Lovers!"

Long story short:  Kurumi mentions that she likes Shidou (in front of Tohka) and walks home alone.  On her way, she is accousted by four hoodlums with rape on their mind.  For some reason Kurumi seems cool with the idea, and has the gang follow her into an alley.  After a few screams, we see Kurumi's figure standing behind a large pool of blood, grinning a licking her lips.  Mana appears--along with AST reinforcements--and corners Kurumi, designating her "Nightmare".  Kurumi transforms into her Astral Dress, and prepares to attack--but Mana strikes FIRST, and DEADLY!!  To put the kibash on the whole deal, Mana stalks over to Kurumi's body, and while Origami and the rest of the AST watch from above, DECAPITATES HER!!!  Minutes later, as Tohka and Shidou are almost home, he and Mana meet for the first time in years.

At home, Mana greets Kotori--who ain't too keen on having Shidou taken away from her by his biological sister--and is a hit with both Yoshino and Tohka.  When Shidou asks where Mana lives, she dances around it, and leaves for the day.

Next day at school, while roll call is taking place, it's discovered that Kurumi is tardy.  "She won't be coming in anymore", Origami states to Shidou
and Tohka, when suddenly, Kurumi walks in, apologizing for being late---and Origami looks like she's about to shit herself!!!  Just then, Shidou recieves a text from Kotori and Reine to head to the Science Lab.  Once there, Shidou see's the graphic (off-screen) footage of Kurumi's apparent murder at the hands of Mana.  Also at that same moment, Origami confronts Kurumi---and REGRETS it.

It's a few minutes later when Shidou, after being briefed by Reine and Kotori accepts the "Save Kurumi" mission--but the recently escaped Origami wants Shidou NOT to get near Kurumi, but instead wants to keep him close.  All this while, Tohka begins to feel neglected, so a Greek Chorus of busy-bodies (the usual "Ai"/"Mai"/"Mii" trio-type) give poor Tohka some "seduction tecniques" to use on Shidou (mainly because the trio only has a PAIR of Acquarium Tickets and didn't want to waste them).
It WORKS, and Shidou is now saddled with 3 simultaneous dates (along with one he made with Kurumi earlier, Shidou also must juggle Tohka AND Origami!!).

It's here where the shit really hits the fan!!

Shidou's juggling act is (kinda) going smoothly (even a salacius visit to a Victoria's Secret with Kurumi!!)
, but suddenly, Kurumi get's "hungry" and things take a turn for the worse.  She stumbles across four hoodlums shooting BB Guns at a defenseless kitten, and then ASKS to JOIN IN--under HER Rules!!  By time Shidou arrives, he's confronted with something right out of a horror film.  Kurumi (in her Astral Dress) shoots the last thug to (literal!!) peices as he pleads for his life.  THEN, she turns her attention to the REAL REASON she arrived on the scene in the first place:  Shidou.  She's known about him for quite a while, and wants to "Become ONE with him!"---as in, EAT HIM!!!

Just as the Yandere monster closes in, Mana--in her uniform--appears from nowhere and murders Kurumi out right.  This angers her Big Brother, asking her "Why?!" Mana explains that as long as Kurumi keeps coming back, SHE will keep killing her.  Sure enough, the next day, Kurumi returns to school, and Shidou springs it on her that he will save her.  This startles and takes the gothic lolita aback.  She requests that Shidou meet her on the roof.

On the roof, Kurumi "gets dressed" and sends the entire school into a life-draining black bubble:  only Shidou and (barely) Tohka AND Origami are able to hang on.  Shidou tells Tohka that he's heading to the roof.  Once there, he confronts Kurumi and informs her that if she doesn't remove the bubble, he will take her "prize" from her by commiting suicide.  She tells HIM to take back his talk about saving her.  Shidou refuses--and JUMPS, only to be rescued by Kurumi.  He gives her one more chance to let him save her--or else he'll bite off his tongue this time.  Kurumi releases the bubble, and nervously considers.

Meantime, while the bubble was still activated, Tohka transformed----and just barely avoided getting SHOT....by KURUMI(?!?!?!?!).  At that same time, Origami put on her uniform, ready for action---only to be confronted by.....KURUMI(?!?!?!). 

Meanwhile, on the roof, after the bubble was dropped, Kurumi was on her way to be kissed when, suddenly, she was GUTTED from behind!!!  Her Astral Dress dissapated and her lifeless body fell to the ground, while Kurumi STOOD over..."herself".  It turns out that she can manipulate time--and control "Spacequakes".  Again, Mana appeared, but the gallant little sister was outnumbered by a "Nightmare" in a dress, who's other selves brought Tohka AND Origami to the roof.  Mana, INJURED.  Tohka and Origami, SUBDUED.  Shidou was about to be at the epicenter of a "Spacequake", when something caused it to avert!!  Standing above the elevator shaft in a plume of celestial fire was something that widen Kurumi's eyes, made Tohka gasp, and caused Origami to remember something horrible.  Shidou was also shocked at the presence of the FOURTH Spirit---and he's been living with her all this time.

And, THAT, which is about a 9-Episode summary, is ALL you're gonna get.

So, until NEXT  TIME,  I'll
SEE  YA',  THEN!!!

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From the new Anime "DATE-A-LIVE":


'Yoshino' (Date A Live) courtesy of AnimePH
(Photo courtesy of AnimePH.)
And to think, a lot of us--especially ME!!!--was hoping that someone was gonna pull a "TOHKA" on us first.  But, Yoshino has already stolen everyone's hearts in the show.   Hell-2-Da-YEA!!!    Yea, you know it's coming, soooo....

(or, is that "To DATE"?!)

Oh, well.....

And, until  NEXT  TIME,  I'll
SEE  YA',  THEN!!!

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Attack On Titan
Seriously---if you saw THIS peeking over the top of a mountain right at your face, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?!

Honestly, I'd piss my pants in fear, then think about hauling ass (if I still can)!!  And, that's the situation facing what's left of the Human Race in the new Anime "ATTACK ON TITAN".  Trust me, after watching the first 5 Episodes (because, I like to give things time and not rush into shit!), AOT is gonna be one of the heaviest Animes you've seen in a long time--and I'm not just talking about The Titans, themselves.

The first Episode opens in the year 845, in which Mankind has been living behind 370-foot-tall Great Walls, constructed over 100 years ago to keep out this.....race....of Giants.  The Giants, called "Titans" (or "Eotenas", depending on which fansub you're watching), are a mysterious lot.  The Human Race don't know exactly WHAT they are, WHERE they originated or WHEN they first truly appeared on Earth---but, we DO KNOW ONE THING:  these Humanoid....things....EAT Human Beings!!!

First off, do not expect any snappy humor or blatant comedy to lighten the mood here:  this Anime is Mankind's Fight For Survival Against The Unstoppable FoePERIOD!!  "ATTACK ON TITAN" is hardcore, like that!

Our young Hero, Eren Jaeger (SEIYUU:  Yuuki Kaji), and his adopted "sister" Mikasa Ackerman (SEIYUU:  Yui Ishikawa)--who not only is the series Heroine, but also the LAST Japanese person alive!!--witness the terror of The Titans firsthand when, one day, from out of nowhere, a powerful lightning strike outside of the First Wall deposits the largest Titan ever seen.  This 400+ -foot-tall monstrosity (pictured above) is not only big enough to peer over the top  of the wall, but rip a good-sized hole in it so that the "regular-sized" (50-80 foot!!) Titans can lumber in and make a meal out of anyone who's unfortunate enough to be in their path.  It goes from bad to worse when ANOTHER--"armored"--Titan appears, strikes a Arnold Swarzenneger "Terminator" pose, and charges the Inner Gate, thereby granting further access for the Titans.  And suddenly, it VANISHES (just like the first colossus)--but not before the other Titans lay waste to the first town inside that Gate Wall.  And among those first casualties is Eren's Mother (SEIYUU:  Yoshino Takamori), whose graphic onscreen death will haunt you for a hot minute.

Jump ahead 5 Years (and 2 Episodes) Later, and our (now late-adolescent) hero and heroine decide to join the Recon Corps to help try to stop these monsters.  Eren, in particular, because the sight of his Mother being "snapped into like a Slim Jim[tm]" continues to haunt him and fuel his over-zealous anger.  Eren thinks that anyone who isn't in the mood to stand against these monsters isn't good enough to be considered "human".  Naturally, this attitude doesn't really sit too well with Eren's fellow recruits, because, naturally, they're fuckng scared!!!  And, can you blame them?

Anyways, by time Episode 5 happens (which I'm watching right now), The Colossus RETURNS!!!  And, the newly minted Soldiers are in the battle of their young lives.  Let me just say that the first part of the fight is some rough shit to watch.  (The second part will happen in Episode 6.)

And, that's all I'm gonna give you of this review.  "ATTACK ON TITAN" currently airs Saturday Nights on TOKYO MX (Japan) and is streamed on CRUNCHYROLL here in the USA.  Or, you can catch it via YouTube.  It's already been licensed by FUNima-----THEM!!-----but, .....THAT COMPANY....can go to hell, as far as I'm concerned, because if they ever DO decide to release it on BD/DVD, we know it'll be some 3 years down the line and there will be no real promotion of this great Anime.  So, SUPPORT your Favorite Fansub Sites, and also AnimeTake and KissAnime (a new upstart which appears to be working in tandem with AnimeTake, and has the episodes up for streaming instantaneously!).

So, until NEXT  TIME,  I'll
SEE  YA',  THEN!!!

Oh yea, ONE LAST THING:  (**ahem**~~~deeeeeeeep breath~~~~~~~)



Sasha Bruce cosplay (Attack On Titan)
Now, in the Anime, this whacked-out food thief is played by Yu Kobayashi (or, Nabashin's daughter!!!  HA!!).  I don't know who this hottie is, but I thank my Facebook Friends, UNITED ANIME ADDICTS for allowing me to gank this shot for MY ANIME FIX(tm).



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